Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace

Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace
This house and property belonged to John Ward, Jr At his death he willed the property to his nephew William Ward

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Anne Chiles August 19, 2010

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Anne Chiles Ward  Sometimes known as Anna

Daughter of Henry Chiles from Amelia County.  Sister to John, Henry, Paul, Elizabeth and Susanne Chiles.
The following is documented evidence:
The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography Volume XX  and Genealogies of Virginia Families Volume I page 740.
Page 106/740
a.       Henry Chiles of Bedford County Will recorded November 27, 1758.  Devisee was his sister Ann Ward and one of the executors was John Ward. 
b.      Paul Chiles Will recorded in Halifax County in 1761, Executors, his brother-in-law John Ward.

Genealogies of Virginia Families, Volume 1   Some notes regarding the Chiles Family
Page 741
a.       Ann Chiles, sister of Henry, John and Paul Chiles, married Major John Ward, of the “The Mansion,” Campbell County, Va. 
Page 743
b.      Henry Chiles of Amelia County Will recorded in 1746 devised to his daughter Anna 250 acres north side of Staunton river

History of Pittsylvania County Virginia,  by Maud Carter Clement  Publisher J. P. Bell Co. 1929 Lynchburg , Va. USA.
Page 139
a.       William Ward was the son of Major John Ward and his wife Anne Chiles Ward, whose home, “The Mansion,” lay across Staunton River in Campbell County.

The Compendium of American Genealogy  The Standard Genealogical Encyclopedia of the First Families of America  Volume VII  1942 Baltimore Genealogical Publishing Company 1968
Page 54   John Ward Beretta genealogy
a.       #6 Maj. John (d.1808) with his bro., Jeremiah resided in Albemarle Col, as early as 1753, built “Ward Mansion” Campbell Co. and Ward’s Road, running south from Lynchburg: m lst, ca. 1744, Anne Chiles.

Campbell Chronicles and Family Sketches by Ruth Hairston Early  J.P. Bell Company, Lynchburg, Virginia
Page 525
a.       John Ward married the beautiful Anne, daughter of Henry and Anne Harrelson-Chiles of Pittsylvania, Virginia

Marriages of Some Virginia Residents  1607-1800 by Dorothy Ford Wulfeck
Page 168
a.       John Ward m (1) Anne Chiles Daughter of Henry Chiles (2) Sarah Clark Lynch on December 17, 1766.

Frontiers Along the Upper Roanoke River  Chapter VII by Maud Carter ClementFrontiers along the upper Roanoke River, 1740-1776 : a story of first settlement  1964 J.P. Bell Company.
Page 64
a.       John Ward, who had married Anne, the daughter of Colonel Henry Chiles of King William County.
Page 65
b.      John and Ann Ward made their home south of the Roanoke River in Halifax County, near the mouth of Otter River, on land adjoining a brother, Paul Chiles, and their mother, Mrs. Anne Harrelson Chiles
Page 66
c.       Mrs. Anne Chiles Ward was reared in eastern Virginia, where life was more gracious than on the frontier, and where the stores of the tobacco merchants were easily accessible, carrying  newest
London goods and fashions.  She was a woman of great beauty, which is a cherished tradition among her descendants today.  Her family of five sons and twin daughters, Anne and Agatha, was complete before she came into the Roanoke Valley, her youngest son, Henry, being a small child at the time. But like other members of her family, Anne’s life was tragically short, and she did not live to enjoy the handsome home which her husband built for her with so much care and thought.  She was buried in the garden graveyard at River View, the home plantation of her brother Paul Chiles, who had died in 1761 and where her mother was also laid to rest.

At this time, this is all the information I can find on Anne Chiles Ward.  If I find more information, I will keep adding.  Also, if anyone knows where the home River View stood or where Anne and her mother Anne Harrelson Chiles is buried, please send me a message.

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  1. Anne Chiles descends from Walter Chiles, Sr., an early Virginia settler who arrived with his own ship and held several governmental positions in the colony. This branch of the Chiles family is listed among the First Families of Virginia.