Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace

Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace
This house and property belonged to John Ward, Jr At his death he willed the property to his nephew William Ward

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August 11, 2010 Henry Chiles continued

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Henry Chiles Sr. Continued
Henry Chiles  Son of Walter.  Lived in St. Peter’s Parish, New Kent County, Virginia 1699. 
Baptism records of Walter and James , Children of Henry Chiles, Gent., (1699-1706)
St. Peter’s Parish Records – He was elected vestryman and in the records he is called Capt. Chiles.
An old deed, found by the writer for Virginia Historical Magazine, in the Clerk’s Office of King William County, transfers from Richard Littlepage, Gent., and Frances, his wife, November 2, 1702, 400 acres in King William, formerly King and Queen, on the north side of Pamunkey River, to Henry Chiles, Gent of St. Peter’s Parish, New Kent.
He was justice in New Kent in 1714
He married Margarett (Littlepage?)  Issue:  Margaret, Henry, James, Walter, Hezekiah, Richard, Daniel and Valentine.  (Order Book: “An Account of Ye Governor’s Dues,” and St. Peter’s Parish Reg.)
The above information I found in Virginia Magazine of History and Biography Volume XIX  Page 214.
I looked up St Peter’s Parish Vestry Book and Register  1684-1786 and found the following information:
Page 19  Processioning of each man’s land ordered February 28, 1689. Vestry held at St. Peter’s Parish Church on May 4, 1689 to begin processioning.
Page 22   Henry Chiles name was mentioned as owner of land.   
Processioning was ordered because there were so many people with disputes about land boundaries so all the counties were ordered to appoint men to go out and search the boundaries for everyone’s property.
Page 92  October 27, 1703  Mr. Henry Chiles Vestryman
Page 93 To Mr Henry Chiles Account 25CC3 ½   0028 ½
Page 94 To Mr. Henry Chiles Account  185CC  25  0210
Page 96/97  Maj. Nicholas Merriweather and Mr. Henry Chiles be supervisors of the Chapell upon Mechumps Creek and that the collector make noe payment of any tobacco levyed to them.
Henry Chiles  Vestryman   March 27, 1704
Henry Chiles Vestryman  April 3, 1704
Motion to Build Another Church because it was too far away for some parish members to attend.

Page 105 Henry Chiles appointed with others to be in a trust for the building of St. Pauls and adjust accounts.
Page 107 Henry Chiles and others to settle accounts for St. Pauls and St. Peters
November 1, 1704.
Page 345  Walter son of Henry Chiles baptized January 5, 169
Page 345  James son of Henry Chiles baptized ____
Page 344 Henry son of Henry Childs baptized November 13, 169___

So from these two publications I have found the following:
Henry Chiles was married to Margaret Littlepage. There sofar is some doubt as to her last name, but Richard Littlepage and his wife Frances were conveying land to Henry Chiles.  Also Henry and Richard served together as vestrymen at St. Peters.   He had a close association with Richard Littlepage and Nicholas Merriwether.  They both served with him as vestrymen which brought them together so they would have some form of bondship as friends or acquaintances.
During the 1690s he had three children Walter, James and Henry. 
He owned land in New Kent County, St. Peter’s Parish and he was very active in the church.

Tomorrow I will be exploring the vestry book of St. Paul's Parish where Henry Chiles was active until he died.

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