Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace

Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace
This house and property belonged to John Ward, Jr At his death he willed the property to his nephew William Ward

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Henry Chiles Sr. August 11, 2010

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Henry Chiles Sr. continued
The Vestry Book of St. Paul’s Parish 1706-1786
Page 2  1704
Captain Henry Chiles a church warden along with Maj. Nich. Meriwether at the lower church of St. Paul’s Parish.
Between pages 2 and 91, Henry Chiles is instrumental in the building of roads,  maintenance of the church, processioning of lands, overseer for processioning of lands, deciding parish business, justice of the peace, church warden, church vestryman,
On Page 75 and 80, he signs documents as one of her majesties Justices of the Peace.
On Page 77, April 23, 1717 he is elected church warden along with Maj. Nich. Meriwether and maintains that position until 1719.  Before that he was a vestryman from 1704 until 1717. 
Page 22 January 1, 1708 vestry meeting held at Henry Chiles’ House.  Attending were Maj. Nich Meriwether, Mr. Rob Jennings, Cap Rob. Anderson, Mr. Edward Garland, Mr. John Mask, Mr. Rob Jennings and Mr. Rowland Horsley. 
I do not know if his house has survived the passing of time.  It would be interesting to find out what kind of home he had and where it stood.  The house had to be of some size because he had quite a few children.  While reading the vestry book, I have found that quite a few meetings were held on January 1.  I wander if they had a party to celebrate the New Year. 
On page 84, March 30, 1719, Henry Chiles is still a Church Warden, but Edward Garland is named as a new church warden to serve with Maj. Nich. Meriwether and by October 10, 1719, he is not listed as present at the vestry meeting (page 85)
On page 91, 29th, 8b, 1720, at vestry held at lower church Mr. David Meriwether was admitted as a vestryman for this parish in the room of Mr. Henry Chiles, lately deceased and took the usual oaths.
This gives us a timeline between March 30, 1719 and 1720, of Henry Chiles death.
The St. Paul’s Vestry Book is worth the time to read and review.  It not only tells us about  the community and if your relative was instrumental in parish business.  With processioning reports a researcher can also discover who were our  ancestor’s neighbors.
For instance on page 209, we discover that the lands of Daniel Parke, Esq. Henry Bourn, Paul Harrold, Richard Anderson and Richard Corley  and Henry Chiles are adjacent to one another and that Henry Chiles and Richard Anderson were appointed overseers for the processioning.
Also on page 253, we find that the name of Paul Harrold is now Paul Harroldson .  Henry Chiles land along with Paul Harroldson, John Giles, Jn Ray, Hen:  Born John Snead, John Killcrease, Richard Anderson, Richard Corley, Henry Snead and Thomas Tinsley lands be made into one precinct with Mr. Henry Chiles and Paul Harroldson being overseers. The Processioning was completed except the back line of Henry Chiles, which is thought to go through John Tyler’s Plantation and a piece of a side line joining on Colonel Bird, which is not readily known.  January 3, 1715.   If you are researching Walter Chiles’ son John, you will know that they have strong ties to the Tyler family.
Also during my research, I found the following publication:
English Duplicates of Lost Virginia Records compiled by Louis Des Cognets, Jr. 
Page 16:  July 8, 1702  Henry Chiles one of the Justices
Page 26:  1714   Henry Chiles  one of the Justices of Peace
Page 157:  Quit Rent Roll of King William County 1704    Henry Chiles  700 acres
Page 164:  Quit Rent Roll of New Kent County  1704  Henry Chiles  700 acres
I also found the information  of page 157 and 164 in the publication of The Quit Rents of Virginia 1704 compiled by Annie Laurie Wright Smith.
Tomorrow I will conclude Henry Chiles, Sr. and begin with Henry Chiles, Jr.  His wife’s name was Anne and her last name was Harrelson (Harroldson).

Hanover County was formed from New Kent County St. Paul's Parish on November 26, 1720.
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