Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace

Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace
This house and property belonged to John Ward, Jr At his death he willed the property to his nephew William Ward

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Children of Thomas Jefferson II

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All of Thomas Jefferson's children were born in Henrico County, now Chesterfield County, Jefferson's Landing now known as Osborne's Landing, Virginia,

1. Judith Jefferson born August 30, 1698.  She married George Farrar. George and Judith began their married life on Farrar's Island which was not far from Jefferson's Landing. Later they lived on land deeded to them by her father in 1729 called  Gilly's Mill Plantation.  Sometime between 1750 and 1760 they moved to Mecklenburg County, Virginia where her brother Field Jefferson lived.  She died sometime on or about 1786 in Mecklenburg County, St. James Parish.

Judith and George Farrar's Children:
  • Samuel Farrar
  • Mary Moore Farrar was born about 1720 in Farrar Island, Henrico County, Virginia, and died before 1793 in Mecklenburg County, Virginia.  Mary married Thomas Moore about 1742 in Henrico County, Virginia.
  • George Farrar, Jr.  was born 1722 in Farrer Island, Henrico County, Virginia and died 1761 in Mecklenburg, County, Virginia.
  • William Farrar was born about 1724 in Farrar Island, Henrico County, Virginia and died 1788 in Granville, North Carolina.
  • Major Thomas Farrar was born August 16, 1726 in Farrar Island, Henrico County, Virginia and died August 20, 1809 in Carnesville, Franklin County, Georgia.
  • John Farrar was born 1728 in Farrar Island, Henrico County, Virginia and died February 1808 in Wake County, North Carolina.
  • Priscilla Farrar was born June 9, 1729 in Chesterfield County, Virginia and died October 1808 in Madison, Franklin County, Georgia.
  • Peter Farrar  was born June 6, 1730 in Farrar Island, Henrico County, Virginia died October 1, 1815 in Edgefield, South Carolina.
  • Able Farrar was born 1731 in Farrar Island, Henrico County, Virginia and died 1765 in the French and Indian War.
  • Field Farrar was born 1732 in Farrar Island, Henrico County, Virginia and died October 1836 in TN.
2.Thomas Jefferson III born September 24, 1700. He was the oldest child and the apparent heir to Thomas II.  Thus he received the education and the expectations that Peter and Field did not receive.  Unfortunately he died on February 14, 1723 while on the ship the Williamsburg which was commanded by Captain Isham Randolph.  His brother Peter Jefferson would later marry Isham Randolph's daughter Jane.

3.Field Jefferson born March 6, 1702 died February 10, 1765.  He married Mary Frances Robertson.

Field and Mary Jefferson's Children were:
  • Thomas Jefferson-1733-1783
  • Peterfield Jefferson 1735-1794
  • Elizabeth Jefferson-1736?
  • Frances Jefferson-1738-1766
  • George Jefferson-1739-1780
  • Mary Jefferson(1740-?
  • Judith Jefferson(1741-?
  • John Robertson Jefferson(1742-1809)
  • Phoebe Jefferson(1743-1830)
In later posts I will be searching for information about Field Jefferson's family so forgive the lack of information on this blog.

4.Peter Jefferson born February 29, 1707/08 died August 17, 1757 Married Jane Randolph born February, 1720 died March 31, 1776.

Children of Peter and Jane Jefferson
  • Jane  born June 27, 1740 at Fine Creek never married  Died October 1, 1765
  • Mary born October 1, 1741 at Fine Creek married John Bolling on January 24, 1760
  • Thomas born April 2/13, 1743 at Shadwell married Martha Wayles Skelton on January 1, 1772 died July 4, 1826.  Third President of the United States, Author of the Declaration of Independence and of the Statute of Virginia for Religious Freedom, Governor of Virginia, Member of the Continental Congress, Member of the House of Burgesses 
  • Elizabeth born on November 4, 1744 at Shadwell unmarried died Feb. or Mar. of 1774 
  • Martha born May 29, 1746 at possibly Tuckahoe married Dabney Carr on July 20, 1765  died September 3, 1811
  • Peter Field born October 16, 1748 at Tuckahoe died November 29, 1748
  • Unnamed son born March 9, 1750 at Tuckahoe died March 9, 1750
  • Lucy born October 10, 1752 at Shadwell married Charles Lilburne Lewis on September 12, 1769 
  • Anna Scott born October 1, 1755 at Shadwell married to Hastings Marks on October, 1788
  • Randolph born October 1, 1755 at Shadwell married Anne Jefferson Lewis on July 30, 1780 died September 15, 1815.  

5.Mary Jefferson born on or around 1709 married Thomas Turpin.  Thomas Turpin lived in Goochland County, Cumberland and then later Powhatan County.  He was magistrate in Goochland County in 1735 and Sheriff of Goochland County 1741-1743.  He was also a magistrate in Cumberland County in 1740 and served as Lieutenant Colonel of the Cumberland County Militia in 1754.  His will was recorded in Powhatan County on September 16, 1790.

Mary and Thomas Turpin had the following children:
  • Martha died young.
  • Thomas died young.
  • Obedience, married August 24, 1754 to John Harris of "Norwood" then in Cumberland and later in Powhatan County.
  • Thomas married Martha Ward Gaines
  • Mary married March 9, 1761 to Richard James
  • William married June 23, 1773 to Sarah Harris
  • Philip died young
  • Lucy died young
  • Phillip married Caroline Rose
  • Peterfield never married
  • Horatio married March 30, 1803 to Mary Bancroft.

Note:  In many families if a child died very young, they would name another child by the same name.

6.Martha Jefferson born 1709 or later married Bennett Goode around 1740.  Bennett Goode was the son of John Goode of  "Falls Plantation"  in Chesterfield County.

Martha and Bennett Goode had the following children:
  • Susannah Goode
  • John Goode
  • Bennett Goode
  • Thomas Goode
  • Elizabeth Goode
  • Martha Goode
  • Lucy Ann Goode
  • Sarah Goode
  • Alice Goode
  • William Goode

I apologize for the lack of information for the Goode family

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