Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace

Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace
This house and property belonged to John Ward, Jr At his death he willed the property to his nephew William Ward

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thomas Jefferson II

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Now begins the rise of the Jefferson family in Virginia.  Thomas Jefferson's II father started the family on their way, but Thomas Jefferson II was the heir that began the Jefferson legacy.  Thomas Jefferson began his life as a son of a farmer with multiple talents which he passed to his son.  TJII married Mary Field  on or around October 20, 1697.  Mary  Field was the daughter of Major Peter Field and Judith Soane.  Judith was the widow of Henry Randolph before she married Major Field.  The Randolphs were influential in Colonial Virginia and this maybe one of their beginning connections with this family.

By the beginning of the eighteenth century Thomas II was well on his way to becoming a gentlemen.  He was appointed Gentlemen Justice of Henrico County before he was thirty and continued to be one for almost twenty years.  Thomas II was a Captain of the County militia and after their musters they would all dine together.  In 1718 he was elected Sheriff of Henrico county and held that post for two years.
Quit Rent Rolls of 1704 for Henrico County showed Thomas II owning 492 acres.  In 1704 Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Harris, Matthew Branch and Thomas Turpin patented 628 acres in Henrico County on North Side of James River beginning on branch of Lucy's Spring for the transport of 13 persons and in 1718 Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Turpin, John Archer and Robert Easley  patented 1,500 acres in Henrico County at a place known by the name of Pine Creek, beginning above the upper fall of the said creek to branch of the upper Manakin Town Creek to mouth of Spring Run for transport of eighteen persons.

In 1723 Captain Jefferson also supervised the construction of a church in Bristol Parish for which he was paid.  For many years this church was called Jefferson's Church.

There is record of a Roast Beef Dinner being held at his home in which William Byrd II attended along with other wealthy gentlemen of Virginia.

Some interesting items to note is that Thomas II owned a racing horse called Bony which won at least one high stakes race.

Thomas lost most of his wealth due to a fire.  In 1720 he petitioned the House of Burgesses for Relief .  He could not honor a debt of 6,480 pounds of Tobacco and they attached his plantation for the debt.

Thomas Jefferson II  Born December 7, 1679   Died February 18, 1730
Will of Thomas Jefferson II
In the name of God, Amen.  I Thomas Jefferson being in Health and perfect memory, do make this my last Will and Testament in Manner and form following:
Imprimis:  I give unto my son  Field Jefferson a Mourning Ring of the value of twenty shillings.
Item- I give unto my son Peter Jefferson and to his heirs forever all my land on Fine Creek and on Manakin Creek, but if my said son should die before he be twenty one years of age then I give my land aforesaid to be equally divided between my three daughters Judith, Mary and Martha and their heirs forever.  I also give unto my son Peter my chest and wearing clothes with the cloth and trimming that is in the chest, my cane, Six Silver spoons, which I bought of Turpin two horses names Normand, Squirrell, my trooping Arms and gun I had of Joseph Wilkinson, two feather beds, ruggs and blankets, one suit of curtains and vallains, a diaper table cloth and six napkins, two iron potts and hooks, one large and one small, a brass kettle I had of Thomas Edwards, one couch standing in the hall and the two tables standing there, six leather chairs, half of my stock of cattle, sheep and hogs, on condition my son Peter live to be twenty one years old, but if he die before he arrive to that age then I give the said two Negroes and all of the things aforesaid to be equally divided between my two daughters Mary and Martha and their heirs forever.
Item- I give unto my daughter Mary a ruch leather trunk marked MI and six silver spoons, six leather chairs.
Item - I will and direct that my one half part of Gilly's Mill, the land I lately bought of George Carter, the land mortgaged by Rill and all the remaining part of my estate (except my two Negroes Jenny and Nanny) be sold by Major William Kennon and Henry Wood and that ten pounds of the money (after my just debts are first paid and discharged) be given unto my daughter Judith Farrar and the remaining part be equally divided between my two daughters Mary and Martha.
Item - I give unto my daughter Judith Farrar my black walnut safe and silver tumbler and three silver spoons.
Item - I give unto my daughter Martha and to her heirs forever my negro girl Nanny.  I also will that the labour of my negro woman Jenny shall be towards the maintaining my daughter and then when my said daughter shall be sixteen years old I will and devise my said negro Jenny and all her increase to be equally divided between my daughters Mary and Martha and their heirs forever.
Item- I desire my sister Martha Winn to take care of my daughter Martha and I desire Capt. Henry Randolph to take care of my daughter Mary.
Item- My will is that if my daughter Mary or Martha die before they are of age or married that then the several legacies hereby bequeathed by and remain to the survivor of them.  If they both die then that everything given them in this Will be equally divided between my son Peter and my daughter Judith Farrar and their heirs.
Item- My will is that if my son Field or his heirs shall recover the money I received for those Negroes that were hanged that the same be equally divided between my son Peter and my daughters Mary and Martha
Item- I constitute and appoint my son Peter executor of this my last Will.  Witness my hand seals this 15th day of March 1725.
Witness Benjamin Branch Thomas Jefferson Henry Moody
Proved in Henrico County Court, First Monday in April 1731 by Peter Jefferson Test:  Bowler Cocke, Clerk.

Wife and Children of Thomas Jefferson II

Mary Field  Born   February 3, 1679   Died  August 13, 1715
May have married again to an Alice Ward.


Judith  Born August 30, 1698
Thomas III  Born September 24, 1700
Field Born March 6, 1702
Peter Born February 29, 1707/08
Mary born 1709 or later          
Martha after 1709

Note: Mary and Martha were under the age of 16 at the time he wrote his
Will in 1725 making their birth date 1709 or later.                   

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