Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace

Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace
This house and property belonged to John Ward, Jr At his death he willed the property to his nephew William Ward

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Field Jefferson March 6, 1702 to February 10, 1765 continuing with Research notes

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Tyler's Quarterly  Volume 10  pages 174,175,176

A correspondent of Mr. Landon C. Bell writes:  Field Jefferson was twice married; First to Frances____, who died February 26, 1750.  His second wife was Mary Robertson who survived him.  I do not know the last name of his first wife.  He was born in 1702 and died February 16, 1765."
A deed recorded "in Lunenburg shows that Field Jefferson of Lunenburg County and Mary Allen of Albemarle County entered into a prenuptial arrangement January 1, 1754.  This lady was probably a widow, her maiden name being Robertson.  If this is the fact, then the entries in the Jefferson Bible must have been changed, and the names of his wives combined, so as to make one wife!

The following articles was this day made and muterly agreed upon and confirmed between Field Jefferson of Lunenberg County, and Mary Allen of Albemarle Coty, (to-wit)
Whereas, there is a marriage suddenly intended between the said Field Jefferson and Mary Allen, it is agreed that the said Field will give the said Mary lieve to give and dispose of one negro man when and to whom she shall think proper immediaetely after her marriage, and the residue of her estate at the day of her death, in case he should be the longest liver so that the said Field, his heirs and c. shall not injoy nor be possesst with any part of it after her death, and the said Mary for her part doth by these pressents agree and oblige herself to give up, deliver and relinquish all her rite and  dower to his heirs, executors and c. emidiately after the said Field Jefferson's death.
In penety thereof we do bind ourselves each to either, our heirs and c. in the just and full sum of five hundred pounds current money of Virginia.
In witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands and seals this first day of November, one thousand seven hundred and fifty three.
Interlin'd our heirs an; c before signed.
Sign'd, sealed and delivered, in presents of George Baskerville, Huchins Burton, Ruben Morgin his mark.

Field Jefferson
Mary Allen

At a Court held for Lunenburg County the lst day of january, 1754.  The within artcles was proved by the oaths of two of the witnesses thereto subscribed to be the act and deed of the within Field Jefferson and Mary Allen and the same was ordered to be recorded.
Teste:  Clement Read, C.L.C.
Recorded in Deed Book 3 page 412 and 413.

I have typed document as written.  These are not typographical errors.
Well, you certainly could read a great deal from this one research find.  First she didn't want her property to be disbursed to his family and he didn't want her receive his children's inheritance when he died.  And why did they phrase that first sentence  "marriage suddenly intended"?  Had they just met or was it a marriage of convenience.  One thing is certain.  Field Jefferson did have two wifes.  Frances _______________ and Mary Allen of Albemarle County and he didn't leave Mary any property in his will.  He does leave her a gold ring.

Virginia Magazine of History and Biography Volume 37 page 163

Henrico County pages 307, 308, 309, first Monday in June Court, 1731.  Field Jefferson and wife, Frances, convey to John Nash land willed by Major Peter Field in 1707 to his daughter, Mary, wife of Thomas Jefferson, the land located on south side Swift Creek.  Wit: Edward Cox, Peter Jones, William Chambers.

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