Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace

Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace
This house and property belonged to John Ward, Jr At his death he willed the property to his nephew William Ward

Monday, October 24, 2011

More tombstones from the Ramsey Cemtery

 Samuel Y Shelton born May 5, 1855  Died April 3, 1910
Martha A. Shelton born February 10, 1827 Died June 24, 1911
 J. W. Bradley  Born August 14, 1857 Died March 27, 1891  (This was really hard to read.)
 Edward A. Shelton born December 10, 1822  Died November 5, 1906

Views looking to the graveyard and looking from the graveyard.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ramsey Family Cemetery

Over ten years ago my father Harold, mother Atha, brother Robert, his daughter Jill, my husband Mark and I went to the Ramsey family cemetery near Chatham, Virginia.  Since then my father has passed away, but I thought that my mother remembered the location.  So once again on a beautiful October morning in Virginia, my brother, his wife Lisa, his son Spencer, my mother, my Aunt Judy and myself started on the trip to Chatham.  Well Mama got us almost there and could not remember the road we took to find the cemetery and my brother and I could not remember either.  Well, we could have turned back, but due to the perseverance of my brother, his wife and my Aunt Judy the trip ended satisfactorily.

First we tried finding the graveyard by ourselves.  Not too long into our adventure we realized that we would need help.  So out came all of our mobile phones, but everyone we called was not at home or didn't know.  So that was it for phone a friend.

Next we stopped at a local winery Tomahawk Mill and Winery which is located on Anderson Mill Road or Route 649 in Chatham, Virginia.  They didn't know, but they directed us to a couple of local stores that might help us.  The first store didn't have the slightest idea so we traveled down the road just a bit and we stopped for snacks and help.  There was a local man that my intrepid Aunt Judy found.  He pointed us in another direction and we hopped into my brother's car for another trip down a lonely country road.  Now my Aunt Judy is a brave sole.  We had been traveling for quite a while and we saw some men and she jumped out of the car for directions.  Well, they were very friendly and tried to help.  Now they did direct us to a cemetery, but not the right one.

We had been on the hunt for over an hour and getting close to two when I called a halt to the trip.  I was beginning to feel guilty for not planning the trip better, but Robert and Lisa were determined.  So we drove around some more.  Finally we stopped at another local store called Blair's Service Station.  We were just going to stop for some snacks for our trip home, but Judy, Lisa and Robbie said why not ask them too.  Well the nice lady at this store knew about the cemetery and provided us with the right directions.  So after a few starts and stops we found the cemetery off of Oxford Road and on Rt 644 and this is what we found.

 Robert L Bailey Born September 21, 1860 Died January 6, 1921  He was the husband of Henrietta Jefferson.  He was the son of William R. Bailey and Celia Bailey.  You may wonder why he was buried in this cemetery.  His wife Henrietta's mother was a Ramsey and the Bailey's lived just around the corner from this cemetery.
 Mary A  Daughter of W. H. and Rebecca A Ramsey  Born November 7, 1878
died October 12, 1887
Henry Ramsey
Born January 21, 1806
Died March 4, 1881

Mary ?
wife of N. A or H.A. Ramsey
Died May 1873 Aged 65 years

William H. Ramsey Col. 57th Va. Regiment Born April 10, 1831
Died September 19, 1915
His Wife Rebecca Ann Mahan
Born February 12, 1835
Died August 20, 1907