Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace

Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace
This house and property belonged to John Ward, Jr At his death he willed the property to his nephew William Ward

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dalton Genealogy Eliza Dalton family genealogy

Seal of Pittsylvania County, VirginiaImage via Wikipedia
In the past few days through census records, we have found that Eliza Brumfield my grandmother's mother was a Dalton.  Her name was Eliza C. or K. Dalton.  Her father was Winchester Dalton.  He served in the civil war as a private and her mother was Annie Dalton.

Winchester's father's name was David Dalton.  In 1860, he was still living with his father and his father's wife was Abigail Dalton.  Winchester was 24 in 1860 and his father's wife was 47 so I believe that this is probably his mother.  But when I look at the 1850 census Abigail is 31 and Winchester was 18.  That is really off.  I also know that a Judith was married to a David Dalton in Pittsylvania County, but I don't know when.

I am trying to find some back information and since Pittsylvania County came out of Halifax, I will be looking at these records also.

I found in the book History of Halifax County that Timothy Dalton bought or patented 280 acres on Rocky Creek  March  1747-48  page 35

Page 31 from extracts from Court Records  has Walter Douglas vs. Robert Dalton.

A History of Halifax County, Virginia

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Dalton Genealogy Eliza Dalton family

In the 1910 census, they list Annie Brumfield.  That would be Mildred Ann Brumfield.
Carrie Brumfield, Landy Brumfield, that would be Lundy.  New additions are Albert C., Dewey W., Ollie R. Brumfield and Oscar Brumfield.  In this census she said that she had ten children and 9 had survived.  So no children had died in the last ten years because she said in her 1900 census that she had 6 children and five survived and between 1900 and 1910 she had four more children.  In the 1920 census she had two more children Velma and Adell.
So there was Mack, James Morgan, Carrie, Mildred Ann, Lun, Albert C. (Clyde), Dewey, Ollie, Oscar, Velma and Adell.   Dewey was named after Eliza Dalton Brumfield's father Winchester Dalton.  Dewey's name was Dewey Winchester.

The 1850 Federal Census  for Winchester Dalton
David Dalton- 47
Abigail Dalton-31
Mary Dalton-21
Winchester Dalton-18
Patsey Dalton-17
Barilla Dalton-16
Noton Dalton-11
Charles Dalton-5
Lewis Dalton-4

1860 United State Federal Census for Winchester W. Dalton
David Dalton-53
Abigail Dalton-47
Winchester Dalton-24
Charles Dalton-25
Lewis Dalton-12  discrepancy in age.  He should be 14,if the age was correct in 1850.

I am having a little difficulty finding Winchester family in 1870 census.

1880 Federal Census
Winchester Dalton-48
Annie Dalton-39
Robert L. Dalton-14
Eliza C. Dalton-12
Daniel L. Dalton-10
Virginia A. Dalton-8
Joel A. Dalton-6
Albert M. Dalton-4
David B. Dalton-1

1900 Federal Census
Winchester Dalton-68
Annie Dalton-59
Ance Dalton-26
Albert Dalton-24
Books Dalton-21
Edie Dalton-16

Annie Dalton had ten children and in 1900 they were all still living.

1910 Federal Census
Winchester W. Dalton-78
Annie Dalton-70
Joel A. Dalton-35

Winchester Dalton survivor of War Between the States.  Also I found in the Library of Virginia through the Application of Soldier, Sailor or Marine for a Pension that Winchester was in the Ringgold Battery 18th Va. Battalion of Artillery.

Civil War Map Battle fields of Virginia 1861 to 1865.
The Official Virginia Civil War Battlefield Guide
The Civil War in Virginia
Most Hallowed Ground, 1864
50th VIRGINIA, Confederate Civil War Battle Flag

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dalton family Eliza Dalton

1900 census StillImage via Wikipedia

I have reported what the census reported as to what the names were for the John Brumfield and Eliza Dalton family.  However, some of them may be wrong.

In the 1900 census they have the following names listed.  
Lizzie M. Brumfield-14  not in 1910 census (married or passed away)
James M. Brumfield-10 not in 1910 census (probably married or passed away)
Millie A. Brumfield-8  not in 1910 census married or passed away
Carry E. Brumfield-5
Naum L. Brumfield-2  not in 1910 census married or passed away

From family documents I cannot find any information on a Lizzie M.    She may have passed away.  There was a Carry Brumfield  1884-1964.  Millie A. Brumfield (Mildred Anne) lived from 1892 to 1960.  She was named after her two grandmothers  Mildred Bobbitt and Annie Dalton.   James Morgan Brumfield was born in 1889 and died 1963.  I believe the Naum L. is Lun Brumfield.  It probably isn't Naum, but the name is illegible. The only one that I am missing in the 1900 census that I know about is Mack Brumfield or David Mack Brumfield.  He went by Mack.  He was born 1885 and that would have made him 15.  I don't know if he was living somewhere else or not.  I found a draft registration card for David Mack Brumfield and James Morgan Brumfield.  Mack Brumfield was living in Lunenberg County in 1942 and James Morgan Brumfield was living in Pittsylvania County in 1942.

Shelton County: A Genealogy of Pittsylvania County's Largest Family
The Nowlin-Stone genealogy;: A record of the descendants of James Nowlin, who came to Pittsylvania County, Virginia, from Ireland about 1700; of Bryan ... of the descendants of Edmund Fitzgerald
The Bennett family of Southern Pittsylvania County, Virginia / compiled and written by Betty Cox Collie

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dalton Genealogy March 15, 2011

1920 Census  Pittsylvania County Virginia  Pigg River District

Eliza K. Brumfield (Dalton) and her husband  John Brumfield

Eliza K. Brumfield-52
John Brumfield-60   Farmer
Clyde Brumfield-19
Doug W. Brumfield-16
Ollie R. Brumfield-14
Oscar Brumfield-12
Odel Brumfield-8
Velma O. Brumfield-6  my grandmother
place of birth for all was Virginia

1910 Federal Census
Pigg River District  Pittsylvania County, Virginia
John Brumfield-50    Farmer
Lizie C. Brumfield-42     had ten children - nine living
Annie Brumfield-17  At the 1920 census she is not listed.  So she must have married or passed away.
Carrie L. Brumfield-14  She is not in the 1920 census either.  So she must have married or passed away.
Landy,Lundy Brumfield-11  Also not mentioned in 1920 census.
Albert C. Brumfield (Clyde)-9
Dewey or Doug Brumfield-7
Ollie R. Brumfield-4
Oscar Brumfield-2

1900 Federal Census
Pigg River District  Pittsylvania County, Virginia
John Brumfield-40  Farmer
Eliza Brumfield-33  had six children, five survived
Lizzie M. Brumfield-14  not in 1910 census (married or passed away)
James M. Brumfield-10 not in 1910 census (probably married or passed away)
Millie A. Brumfield-8  not in 1910 census married or passed away
Carry E. Brumfield-5
Naum S. Brumfield-2  not in 1910 census married or passed away

1880 Federal Census
Pigg River District  Pittsylvania County, Virginia
Winchester W. Dalton-48 - Farmer
Annie Dalton-39
Robert L. Dalton-14
Eliza C. Dalton-12
Daniel L. Dalton-10
Virginia A. Dalton-8
Joel A. Dalton-6
Albert M. Dalton-4
David B. Dalton-1
all born in Virginia

Friday, March 11, 2011

Dalton Genealogy March 11, 2011

Picture of Eliza Dalton and her husband  John Brumfield

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dalton Genealogy March 10, 2011

I have already posted and proved that I am the granddaughter of Ira Lee Dalton and Velma Olvis Brumfield Dalton.  I have taken my ancestry for Ira Dalton's father Albert back to 1806.  That is for just the Dalton family. Now until I have time to research I cannot obtain any more definitive information about the Jarrett Dalton side. But wait, my grandmother Velma's mother was a Dalton too.  So let's get that out of the way.  Will grandmama and granddaddy be cousins.  We will see.

By Velma and Ira Dalton's marriage license recorded in Campbell County, Virginia, we find that Velma Brumfield is the daughter of John Brumfield and Eliza Dalton.

My mother and aunt went to Pittsylvania County and picked up a copy of John Brumfield and Eliza Dalton's marriage license.  They were married in Pittsylvania County, Virginia on October 18, 1883.  He was 22 and she was 14.  Oh, my.  John Brumfield's father and mother were Vincent and Milly Brumfield and Eliza Dalton's mother and father were Winchester and Annie Dalton.  They were united in marriage by William S. McDowell.

That was in 1883.  Twenty three years before Winchester and Ann Dalton were united in marriage by the same man William S. McDowell.  Now these two people were both Daltons.  This will probably be very confusing.  I ordered a copy of the marriage license from the bureau of vital statistics.  They said the date of the marriage was November 29, 1860 at Pittsylvania County, Virginia.  The Husband was Winchester Dalton and the wife Ann Dalton.  He was 25 and she was 20.  They were both born in Pittsylvania County and lived there.  The occupation was farmer.  The parents of Winchester Dalton were  David Dalton.  No first name was given for David Dalton's wife.  Ann Dalton's parents were Booker and E. Dalton.

Tomorrow census records

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dalton Ancestor Genealogy March 9, 2010

The state seal of Virginia.Image via Wikipedia

So I have found my ancestors back to 1806 Jarrett P. Dalton.  That much is a sure thing and I could probably go with the census and one gravemarker as proof.  However, I will try to get a copy of the marriage license and just maybe that will help me find Jarrett P's father.  Jarratt P and his father will link me to the American Revolution.

Now I think that it is very difficult to do any of this work before 1806 without going to the Library or to the courthouse.  Unfortunately for most of us, we do not live in the county that houses our ancestor's deeds, marriages and the like and to hire someone could be very costly.

Yesterday I logged onto the Library of Virginia site.  They do have some digitalized images and I found Jarrett Dalton's Pension request.  It states that he was a soldier with the 13th Virginia Light Artillery Batallion.  The witness was Jubal Dalton, W. B. Shepherd and R. G. West.  It said that he had a ruptured bad eye sight and chronic rheumatism due to exposure during the war.

To find this information go to  On the home page will be three categories at the bottom  (1)  For The Public  (2)For Localities and State Agencies and (3) For Libraries and Educators.  Click on Digital Collections under  (1) For the Public

You have clicked on Digital Collections. Next you will see numerous selections.  Click on  Collections A to Z.  Now scroll down until you see Confederate Disability Applications and Receipts.

Click on that one.   Now under this selecton  Browse An Alphabetical List.
Type Word or Phrase.  Type in the last name of your ancestor.  In my case I typed in Dalton.
When all the selections popped up my name was not on the list, but wait there is somewhere else to look.

Hit the back button key until it takes you back to the List of Collections A to Z.  Right under Confederate Disability Applications and Receipts you will find Confederate Pension Rolls:  Veterans and Widows.  Click on this.
As before go to the Browse An Alphabetical List:
Type Word or Phrase.  Type in the last name of your ancestor.  Once again I typed in Dalton.
There were quite a few Daltons so I kept hitting the next key until I came upon the J's and there was Jarrett.  Now I click on Jarrett.  This takes me to Jarrett's individual file and I click on his name again.  This takes me to Jarrett document image file.  I click on the http image above his name and this directs me to his pension file.  Each file usually consists of four or more pages.  Each page is individually separated.  I click on each page and make a copy for my files.

So with this application I have found out information about my ancestor.  It has not helped me find out about his grandfather, but I know a little bit more about the man.

Colonial Records Of Virginia - Various
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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March 8, 2011 Jarrett P. Dalton 1806 to 1875

I am going back to the census reports again.  The 1840 census only has the name of the head of the household.  The head of our household in 1840 is Jarret P. Dalton.  There are twelve people living in the house and no slaves are listed.  He has a boy and a girl between the ages of zero and five, a boy and two girls between the ages five and nine, one boy and one girl between the ages ten and fourteen, one boy between the ages fifteen and nineteen, one girl between the age of twenty and twenty-nine, one man and one woman between the ages of thirty and thirty nine and one woman between the ages of fifty and fifty nine for a total of twelve.

In the 1850 census, the information is better.  The census was taken on September 13, 1850.   Jarret Dalton is 44 and a farm laborer, His wife Mary is 42, sons are Jubrel - 17, John - 13, Jarrett - 6, William - 2.  His daughters are Matilda - 24, Martha - 19, Sarah - 15, Susan - 11.

Obviously, Jarrett and Mary, his wife are the two between the ages of thirty and thirty nine in the 1840 census.  The one female that was between the ages 20 and 29 in the 1840 census is no longer there as is the female of  50 to 59.  William and Jarrett were born after the 1840 census.   John and Susan would have possibly been the children from 0 to 5,  Jubrel, Martha and Sarah would have been the 5 to 9 and Matilda could have been in the fifteen to nine category or the ten to fourteen.  In any case we have one missing male and three missing females.    Whether they died or left home for marriage or to seek their own fortune, I do not know yet.

I have a marriage date for Jarret P. and Mary T. Watlington of March 12, 1828.

Index to marriages, births and deaths from Virginia and East Tennessee Lutheran Church in America records
Buckingham County, Virginia, death records, 1853-1868: Transcribed from microfilm of the auditor and public accounts copy of the death register plus ealy ... recorded in newspapers and published sources
The Douglas register,: Being a detailed record of births, marriages and deaths together with other interesting notes, as kept by the Rev. William Douglas, ... Huguenot refugees who lived in Manakin-town
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Friday, March 4, 2011

March 4, 2011 Jarrett Dalton Civil War Veteran

Sealed with their LivesImage by RunnerJenny via Flickr

We left off yesterday with Jarrett Dalton enlisting in the Virginia 13th Light Artillery Battalion aka Virginia Danville "Ringgold" Artillery Battery.

According to the Captain of this regiment was Crispen Dickenson.

They had 3 12 lb. Napoleans and one 3 inch rifle

From December 1863 to February, 1864 they were assigned to Artillery Battery Ramson's Division Dept of West Va. and East of Tn.

From February to May of 1864 they were assigned to King's Battallion Artillery  Department of East Tn.

From May, 1864 Artillery Battalion, Breckinridges Division Dept. of Northern Virginia

May-June, 1864 Artillery Battalion, Brekinridges Division Dept. of Northern Virginia

June-October, 1864 Gibbes' Owens Battalion Artillery lst Corps  Army of Northern Virginia

October, 1864 to February, 1865  Gibbs 3rd Corp

February - April, 1865   Kings Battalion Artillery lst Corp  Army of Northern Virginia

Cloyd's Mountain
New River Bridge
Cold Harbor
Petersburg Siege
Appomattox Courthouse

The Civil War: A Narrative (3 Vol. Set)
Cold Harbor: Grant and Lee, May 26-June 3, 1864
Not War But Murder: Cold Harbor 1864
In the Footsteps of Grant and Lee: The Wilderness Through Cold Harbor

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

March 3, 2011 Jarrett Dalton 1843-1908

Huckstep's Va Battery Artillery DemoImage by LostBob Photos via Flickr
I have been working on the census for Jarrett Dalton for the last two days and I thought I would stop on that part of the journey and talk about his involvement in the civil war.

Jarrett Dalton enlisted on March 7, 1863 at 19 years of age.  He would be 20 on July 17th.  He enlisted in the Virginia Light Artillery Battery Company B also known as Virginia Danville "Ringgold" Artillery Battery.
He enlisted at Thorn Spring, Virginia.  This is somewhere near Dublin, Virginia.  I found that on that same day and same place Nolen Dalton, John Clark and Wyatt Walker also enlisted.  Nolen Dalton was the brother of Winchester Dalton.   Winchester's great grangdaughter Velma would one day marry Jarrett Dalton's great grandson, Ira.  These four men would survive the civil war.

Jarret's brother Jubal enlisted in the Virginia 57th Infantry Company D as a private on April 30, 1862 and his brother John enlisted on October 8, 1861 with 57th Infantry Company D.  Both survived the civil war.  John was listed as having a fair complexion, hazel eyes and brown hair.

The Mechanical Fuze and the Advance of Artillery in the Civil War
Drewry's Bluff, Virginia. Soldier's cemetery. Grave of Sgt. Frank L. Smith, Co F, 1st Conn. Heavy Artillery 
in foreground poster print of an authentic Civil War photograph (15 x 8 inches)
On Gunnery: The Art and Science of Field Artillery from the American Civil War to the Dawn of the 21st Century
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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March 2, 2011 Dalton Family Jarrett T. Dalton

We have discovered the 1850 and 1860 census for Jarrett Dalton I found an 1870 census Subdivision North of Dan River  Census Taken  August 30, 1870
Jarret Dalton  Husband  Farmer  27
Lucy Dalton    Wife                    22
Albert L.   son  two years old
Lelia D.  3 1/2 years old
And a Nurse by the name of Sarah Stone living in the house.  Her age was 12.

I found a 1880 census  taken on June 5, 1880   Pigg River District 
Jarrett T. Dalton  36
Lucy W. - 31
Albert L - 12
Lelia T -10
Queen E-  8
David M. - 6
Asalem T - 4
William M - 1

I found a 1900 census 
Jarrat Dalton born July, 1843  He was 53 years old, widower, born in Virginia
Father and Mother born in Virginia
Lelia     Daughter born October, 1869     30 and single
Hester  Daughter born May 1872              28 and single
Timmy son   

I am finding a small discrepancy in the 1880 and the 1900 census.  In the 1880 census he has a daughter named Queen E. that is eight.  In 1900 there is a daughter named Hester E that is 28.  They must be the same person,but I don't know about the names.

But in any case, these are the facts as we know them from the census.

Jarret Dalton born 1843/44
Husband of Lucy
Eight children
son of Jarret P and Mary Dalton
lived in Pittsylvania County

I found his tombstone at the Dalton Cemetery in Sycamore, Virginia

J. T. Dalton  born July 17, 1843  died November 4, 1908

Eighteenth century landmarks of Pittsylvania County, Virginia
An intimate history of the American Revolution in Pittsylvania County, Virginia
Take Care of the Living: Reconstructing Confederate Veteran Families in Virginia (A Nation Divided)
A history of John Yeardley Yates of Pittsylvania and Patrick counties, Virginia: From mid 1700 to 1990, his ancestors and descendants

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March 1, 2011 Albert Lee Dalton Genealogy

We now have proved that Albert Lee Dalton existed, his marriage,his father and mother's name, his date of birth.  This will help us to move on with his father.  J. T. Dalton.

J. T. Dalton

Jarrett Dalton father of Albert Lee Dalton, husband of Lucy W.
Northern District 1850 census for Pittsylvania County, Virginia
Jarrett Dalton head of household  44  laborer  place of birth  Virginia
Mary Dalton - 42
Matilda Dalton 24
Martha Dalton 19
Jubrel Dalton 17
Sarah Dalton 15
John Dalton 13
Susan Dalton 11
Jarrett Dalton 6
William Dalton 2

The next neighbor in the census is Tabitha Ward

1860 census was a little bit trickier.  I searched in for Jarratt Dalton and I found nothing. I started scrolling through all the Daltons and then I tried just going through the Northern District census for 1860, but to no avail.  And then I thought about his neighbors.  Why not check Tabitha Ward and and see who is living near her in 1860.  They were living side by side in 1850 so why not in 1860. I found Tabitha and I found him.   The transcriber for had written his name as Janett P. Dutton.

1860 Census Bergers' Store  Northern District  taken on September 6, 1860
Jarrett P. Dalton  52
Matilda Dalton 32
Sarah Dalton  23
Samuel Dalton 21
Susan Dalton 19
Jarrett Dalton 17  farm laborer
William H. Dalton 13

Now we know that they are living near Tabitha Ward and that they are farm Laborers.  Could they have been working for Tabitha at some point. I don't know, but I do know this.  Young Jarrett Dalton's son Albert married Rose Dove.  Rose Dove was the great granddaughter of Tabitha Ward.  Albert would marry Rose and in doing so own some of the property which once belonged to the land baron John Ward.  Albert would live out his life on this land.

By the 1850 and 1860 census we have found Jarrett Dalton's brothers and sisters.  His mother's name was Mary.  She was not listed in the census of 1860. So we must assume that she died between the years 1850 and 1860.

Heads of Families at the First Census of the United States Taken in the Year 1790: Records of the State 
Enumerations, 1782 to 1785: Virginia
Virginia 1850 Agricultural Census, Volume 5
Index to the 1810 Census of Virginia
1870 Russell County, Virginia Census
Supplement to the 1810 Census of Virginia

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