Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace

Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace
This house and property belonged to John Ward, Jr At his death he willed the property to his nephew William Ward

Thursday, March 3, 2011

March 3, 2011 Jarrett Dalton 1843-1908

Huckstep's Va Battery Artillery DemoImage by LostBob Photos via Flickr
I have been working on the census for Jarrett Dalton for the last two days and I thought I would stop on that part of the journey and talk about his involvement in the civil war.

Jarrett Dalton enlisted on March 7, 1863 at 19 years of age.  He would be 20 on July 17th.  He enlisted in the Virginia Light Artillery Battery Company B also known as Virginia Danville "Ringgold" Artillery Battery.
He enlisted at Thorn Spring, Virginia.  This is somewhere near Dublin, Virginia.  I found that on that same day and same place Nolen Dalton, John Clark and Wyatt Walker also enlisted.  Nolen Dalton was the brother of Winchester Dalton.   Winchester's great grangdaughter Velma would one day marry Jarrett Dalton's great grandson, Ira.  These four men would survive the civil war.

Jarret's brother Jubal enlisted in the Virginia 57th Infantry Company D as a private on April 30, 1862 and his brother John enlisted on October 8, 1861 with 57th Infantry Company D.  Both survived the civil war.  John was listed as having a fair complexion, hazel eyes and brown hair.

The Mechanical Fuze and the Advance of Artillery in the Civil War
Drewry's Bluff, Virginia. Soldier's cemetery. Grave of Sgt. Frank L. Smith, Co F, 1st Conn. Heavy Artillery 
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On Gunnery: The Art and Science of Field Artillery from the American Civil War to the Dawn of the 21st Century
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