Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace

Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace
This house and property belonged to John Ward, Jr At his death he willed the property to his nephew William Ward

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Alexander Jefferson Will Book 2 page 273

In the name of God Amen I Alexander Jefferson Sr. of the County of Pittsylvania and State of Virginia being of sound mind and disposing memory make this my last will and testament.
After my just debts shall be paid it is my wish and I so order that all the property, money and c which I may hold at my death be disposed of as follows:
Item lst  If my dear wife Mary shall live longer than I live she shall have the use and benefit of all my lands with one third part of all my other property money and c which I may possess at my death to use for her comfort during her life provided she does not marry.  If she should marry she shall forfeit all the benefits otherwise secured to her by this my last will and testament.
Item 2nd After my dear wife shall receive the share above set apart for her benefit the remaining property money and c shall be equally divided amongst my several lawful heirs except so much as by this arranged would be secured to H. George or my Daughter Elizabeth, his wife.
Item 3  It is my desire and I so order that an amount of money equal to the property money and c received by any one of my children from my estate be raised out of my means (??) at my departure from this life and put on interest and thus remain during the natural life of my daughter Elizabeth and the interest shall be given annually to my Daughter Elizabeth so long as she may live.  At her death the money above mentioned on interest for her benefit during her life shall be equally divided amongst her bodily heirs if she leave any-but if she leave no bodily heir the money must be equally distributed amongst my heirs so as that H. George who married my Daughter Elizabeth shall never control any part or parcel of what I may own or claim at my death.
Item 4  All the property or effects above set apart for the benefits and comforts of my dear wife Mary shall be at her death disposed of as required under Items 2nd and 3rd.
Furthermore apppoint T. B. and J. H. Jefferson to act as my Executors
Pittsylvania County, Virginia January 18, 1857.
Attested to by
Henry Ramsey
William H. Ramsey
J. H. Jefferson

At a county court held for the county of Pittsylvania on the 17th day of May 1858 the Last will and testament of Alexander Jefferson sr was this day returned to the court proved by Wm. H. Ramsey a subscribing witness and was continued til next term.
And at another day to wit at a County Court held for the said county on that 21 day of June 1858 The last will and testament of Alexander Jefferson decd was further proved by Henry Ramsey a subscribing witness to be the act and deed of Testator and was ordered to be recorded.
And at another day to with  At a county court held for said county on the 19th day of July, 1858, Thomas B. and James H. Jefferson named as executors of Alexander Jefferson decd came into court and with A. H. Moorman and Thos. R. McDearman as their sureties who made oath to their sufficiency entered into and acknowledged a bond in the penalty of ten thousand dollars conditional according to law certificate is granted them for obtaining.  (the last line of the will was cut off)

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Legislative Petition No. 392

Legislative Petition No. 392
Mecklenburg County, Virginia  May 14, 1777

To the Honorable the Speaker, and Gentlemen of the House of Delegates of Virginia:

The petition of the Inhabitants of the County of Mecklenburg humbly beseech, That your petitioners highly approve of the several Acts and Resolutions of Conventions, and Assembly, but conceive that some amendment might be made to those, relating to the natives of Great Britain, and to the establishment of the paper currency of this Commonwealth.
We conceive that it would tend to unite more firmly, the natives of this State, were the resolution respecting the Factors of British merchants extended to the married as well as the single natives of Great Britain, who were factors for, or partners with, merchants residing in Great Britain, and have not uniformly manifested a friendly disposition to the american cause; and who notwithstanding their connextions in this County by marriage, declare that the paper currency of this state, now in circulation, is of very little, or no value, and absolutely refuse to receive same in  discharges of the debts due to the British merchants with whom they are concerned as factors or partners.
Your petitioners do not mean to be excuplate, many of their own Countrymen who esteem Gold or Silver so much more than paper, as to demand a very considerable advance in exchanging one for the other, notwithstanding the penalty inflicted to prevent the depreciating of the paper currency of these states.
Wherefore your Petitioners pray that all the natives of Great Britain, who have not uniformly shown their friendly disposition to the American cause, may be compelled to leave this State, and that some more severe punishment may be inflicted upon those who depreciate the paper currency of the United States, and this Commonwealth, upon the credit of which depends the support of the American War.
And your Petitioners as in duty bound shall ever pray

Bennett Goode                                   Isaac Gordin                       Buckner Rainey
Thos. Mitchell                                     Buckner Whittemore           Wm. Taylor
John Farrar                                         William Lucas, Jr.               Jordan Bennett
James Bilbo                                         Adam Overbee                  Benj. Malone
Wm. Lawrence                                   Henry Delony, Jr.               Robt. Allen
Frank Lightfoot                                   Richard Hanserd                 Wm. Epps
Sam'l Holmes                                      Thomas Gregory                Isham Nance
Rich'd Crowder                                   Edgcomb Suggitt               Jones Taylor
William Cook                                      Jeremiah Crowder             Edward McDonald
Anthony Evans                                    Isaac Watson                     Thomas Crowder
William Ballard                                    Peyton Skipwith                James Insco
John Hubbard                                      John Daly                          William Mason
Thomas Craig                                     James Holmes                     John Russell
Joshua Gordin                                     Stephen Mabry                  Charles Pistols
Ephraim Gordin                                  David Taylor                      Wm. Crutchfield
Benj. Fergeson                                   Joseph Bennett                   Joel Johnson
James B. Davis                                   Nathaniel Malone              David Tucker
John Waller                                        James Standley                   Leonard Cardin
William More                                     Isham Eppes                      James Cardin
William Insco                                     James Adams                     Phil Poindexter, Jr.
John Cardin                                       Peter Ragsdale                   Will F. Basey
Jeremiah Lucas                                  Newman Bragg                  John Lipford
Joel Traler                                         John Thompson                  Abram Forrest                
Nath. Burnett                                    Edward Bevill                     Gideon Freeman
James Johnson                                  William Weatherford           Thomas Burton
William Hightower                            James Westbrooke             John Wilson
James Cash                                      Charles Clay                       Joseph Goode
Zachariah Johnson                            Richard Epperson               Edw. Colley
John Calthorpe                                 Thomas Pettus, jr.               Thomas Greenwood
John Mackcasie                                Charles Royster                  Joshua Edwards
Rebuben Vaughan                             Samuel Cox                       Thomson Fowkes
Richard Edmondson                          Asa Oliver                          James Tucker
James Willson                                  Thos. Berry                          Edw. Goode, Jr.
Samuel Johnson                                Abram Crowder                  Cuthbert Russell
David Darden                                  James Wilkins                      David Smith
Joseph Powers                                Baxter Davis                        Thomas Vaughan
Ellis Carroll                                     William Oliver                       John Hayes, Junr.
John Willis                                       Samuel Marshall                  Jerry Smith
James Hargrove                               Wm. Drumwright                  Edward Walton
James Gordin                                   Wm. Leigh                           Matthew Tanner, jr.
Wm. Hudson                                    John Bugg                            Thos. Haile
Robert Hicks                                    Wm. Hunt, Jr.                      Jno. Avory
Peter Thomas                                   Benjamin Doggett                 Hugh Lambert
Ephraim Hutson                                James Hester                        Cluverius Colemn
John Webb                                       Wingfield Hayes                   William Mason
Abraham Burton                               Joseph Royster                     John Brame
Carles Burton                                   Moses Overton                     Peter Hutcheson
Edward Tisdale                                Phil Poindexer, Sr.                 James Brame
Caleb Johnson                                  Wm. Hunt                             Elijah Graves
Charles Wells                                   John Bottom                         Frank Moore Neal
Isaiah Turner                                     Joel Chandler                       Zachariah Yancey
John Baskervill                                 Leonard Murray                   Joel Elam
John Evans                                      Thos. Howell                         John Walden                            
George Minor                                  Jesse Taylor                          Alex'r Elam
Thomas Matthews                           Benj. Burton                         Harman Thompson
Hudson Tucker                               Thomas Westbrook               David Adams
Edward Roffe                                 John Kitchen                          Jno. Burton
Peter Burton                                   Feilds Read                            John Goode
Clem Whittemore                           Wm. Bottom                           John Bradley
David Royster                                William hatsel                          Robert Brooke
Peter F. Jefferson                          John Puryear, Jr.                      Roger Gregory, Junr.
Peter Farrar                                  Edward Pennington                  Saml. Brame

Mecklenburg Pet'n 1777
May 14, Ref'd to Prop'r Chairman to move that this Comm. be dischared from proceeding on this Petition, &c May 16th
Ref'd to Com of the whole on State of Commonwealth
Note:  The original petition bearing the signatures of the foregoing citizens of Mecklenburg County is in the Archives Virginia State Library./

Revolutionary war Records  Mecklenburg Cty. Virginia
Compiled by Katherine B. Elliott
South Hill, Virginia
Souther Historical Press,Inc.

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Peter Field Jefferson 1735 - 1794

Peter Field Jefferson's will was either never written or was never filed at the Courthouse of Pittsylvania County, Virginia.  However, his wife Elizabeth's will was filed in the Pittsylvania County Circuit Court Clerk's Office in Will Book 1 page 149.

Elizabeth Jefferson, the elder, of the County of Pittsylvania and State of Virginia, being weak and low in body, but of perfect mind and of sound (disfeasing ??)  memory do make this my last will and testament in manner and form following to wit. first I desire that all my  just  debts of any shall be paid.  2nd I give to my sons to wit. Field Jefferson, John Jefferson, Samuel A. Jefferson and Alexander Jefferson twenty five cents to each and to the children of my sons Archer Jefferson, decd. and Thomas Jefferson decd, seventy five cents a piece to be divided among the said children. 3rd I give to my daughter Patsy Brewer seventy five cents. 4th I give to my daughter Judith Jefferson the tract of land on which I now reside my mare the stock of (?)  and hogs and the whole of the household and kitchen furniture of every kind and description whatever to her and her heirs forever.  Lastly I do hereby constitute and appoint my daughter Judith Jefferson whole and sole Executrix to this my last will and testament hereby revoking all other or former wills by me made and established this as my last will and testament.  In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 11th day March, 1828.
Signed, Sealed published and declared by the said Elizabeth Jefferson as and for her last will and testament and at her request and in her presence we have subscribed our named as witnesses.

Elizabeth Jefferson  her mark

James Hopkins
Samuel A. Jefferson
William Jefferson

At a court held for Pittsylvania County the 16th day of June 1828.  The Last Will and Testament of Elizabeth Jefferson decd was proved by the oaths of James Hopkins and Samuel A. Jefferson two subscribing witnesses to be the act and deed of said Elizabeth Jefferson and ordered to be recorded.  An on the motion of Judith Jefferson, the Executrix in said will named who made oath to the same and together with Samuel A. Jefferson her surety entered into and acknowledged their bond in the penalty of 500.00 conditioned as the law direct certificate is granted her for obtaining a probate of the said will in due form.
Teste  Will Tunstall clerk

Elizabeth Jefferson died on May 7, 1828 thirty four years after the death of her husband.  It is possible that her sons and her other daughter Patsy had received by deed property long before their mother's death and therefore, she didn't bequeath any possessions to them.  This will mean I will have to search deed records for the time period of 1794 to 1830.
There are many books in the library which abstract deeds for Pittsylvania County.  I will be reading from those in the future.
This does tell us that she had eight children:
Field Jefferson, John Jefferson, Samuel A. Jefferson, Alexander Jefferson, Archer Jefferson, Thomas Jefferson, Patsy Jefferson Brewer and Judith Jefferson.
Please note that there is no mention of slaves in this will, but she did have some land and a home.

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Peter Field Jefferson 1735 - 1794

More Sources:
Early Settlers of Mecklenburg County, Virginia  Compiled by Katherine B. Elliott
page 88,89
Deed Book 1, page 89  Dated December 18, 1764  Recorded:  July 8, 1765
Feild Jefferson and Peter Feild Jefferson to George Jefferson  all of St. James Parish, Lunenburg County
consideration.  250 pounds
being 40 acres given to Peter Field by his father on September 28, 1762 and 4 acres reserved by Feild Jefferson at the Ferry Landing.  Adjoining Huchins Burton.
John Jefferson         Signed and Sealed Feild Jefferson and Peter Feild Jefferson
Thos. Jefferson
Robert Lark

Deed Book 1 page 93   Dated December 16, 1764   Recorded:  July 8, 1765
Peter Feild Jefferson to George Jefferson
consideration:  100 pounds
20 acres on north side of Roanoke River, being part of land given to Peter Feild by his father by deed dated September 28, 1762.
Witnesses:                             Signed and Sealed:
William Wrenn                       Peter Feild Jefferson
John Jefferson
Robert Lark

William and Mary Quarterly 23W(1)  181-182
In May, 1774, George Jefferson, of Lunenburg, sells to Peter Field Jefferson, of Mecklenburg, for 120 pounds, 409 acres on Turkey Cock Creek, Pittsylvania County.
For 60 pounds 321 acres on Sailor's Creek, Pittsylvania County
For 500 pounds 1005 acres on Turkey Cock Creek, Pittsylvania County, Virginia.
Again in 1776, he sells him 140 acres in Pittsylvania County.  Peter Field Jefferson must have soon after this removed to Pittsylvania County to live, for in 1779 we find him selling 380 acres for 350 pounds to Elisha Walker, and in the deed giving his place of residence as Pittsylvania County.

The Old Free State  Landon Covington Bell
No will of Peterfield Jefferson has been discovered, but his children are shown by the will of his wife, made in 1828, and recorded in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.
They had issue:
Field Jefferson
John Jefferson
Samuel Allen Jefferson:  born March 24, 1776 died March 23, 1855
Alexander Jefferson who married Elizabeth Smith (Marriage bond datd February 20, 1808)  Alexander Jefferson was the grandfather of David Alexander Jefferson of Chatham, Virginia.
Archer Jefferson (deceased at date of will 1828.)
Thomas Jefferson died January 14, 1814, who married Elizabeth Ball (marriage bond dated February 27, 1806)  She died December 27, 1857.  She was a daughter of John and Mary Ball.
Patsy Jefferson who married Brewer
Judith Jefferson

First Census of the United States Pittsylvania County 1790
 Peter Field Jefferson
13 white souls
1 dwelling
9 other building

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Peter Field Jefferson 1735 - 1794

In 1765 Field Jefferson died leaving his son Peter Field Jefferson the following bequests:
I give my son Peter Field Jefferson the plantation wherein I live including all the lands I purchased of Francis Howard (excepting ten acres at the Ferry Landing) and part of the back land running a straight line from the dividing line of two Howards till it reaches Holloways line excepting one hundred feet square at the Burying place.

He also bequeathed to his son John all my land on the South side of Roanoke that I purchased of Andrew Hampton and whereon my son Peter Field now lives.

So we know that Peter Field in 1765 was not living on his father's plantation, but rather land that his father had bought from an Andrew Hampton.  But after 1765 Peter Field takes possession of the plantation and his brother gets the Hampton place.

Most people think of plantations and they think of Tara.  There is no way to know what kind of house Field Jefferson had built.  It would have had to be big enough for nine children.  It is in all likelihood a farmhouse, but this is not to say that they lived in a dump.  There might be something at the courthouse.

Since 1763 other acts beside the Proclamation Line had been passed.  In 1764 the Revenue Act or the Sugar Act which was intended to stop smuggling and raise revenues.  I don't know if this affected Field or Peter Field except some items may have been more expensive.  In 1765 Parliament imposed the Stamp Act on the colonies.
Under the provisions of the Stamp Act all newspapers had to be printed on stamped paper that was taxed on shilling (roughly twenty-five cents) a sheet.  A three shilling stamp was required on virtually all legal documents. School and college diplomas were taxed two pounds.  The stamp on a lawyers license cost ten pounds, while appointment to public office had to be written on paper that was taxed four pounds.  Liquor license cost as much as four pounds, and playing cards were taxed a shilling a pack.  One of the most objectionable aspects of the bill in colonial eyes was that all violations were to be tried in courts of admiralty without juries.  The money was to be used to protect the Colonial frontier.  It was extremely irksome to the colonist because they were allowed no representation in the decision making of this tax.  They feared that with this tax would come more taxes by Parliament without our representation.

Everyone was grinning and bearing it, but the Virginia House of Burgesses  lead by Patrick Henry set out Stamp Act Resolves stating that no taxes imposed by England should be paid by the colonist unless the colonies government had enacted the taxes.  And that anyone that thought that England should be able to impose taxes on the colonist without representation was an enemy of the colony.

Pretty radical thinking.  I wonder what Peter Field thought about all this.

Some References:
Tyler's Quarterly historical and Genealogical Magazine  Volume VII July 1925
page 50,51
George Jefferson, Peterfield's brother, patented considerable tracts of land in Pittsylvania County, and in 1774 and 1776 he sold to Peterfeild Jefferson several of these dividends.  Peterfeild must soon have removed to that County, for in 1779, giving his residence as in Pittsylvania, he sold to Elisha Walker 380 acres of land there for 350 pounds.  ( William and Mary Quarterly XXIII, 181, 182)
There is no will of Peterfield Jefferson recorded in Pittsylvania, but there is one of his wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Jefferson,  dated in 1828.
According to his will Peterfield Jefferson had issue: Field, John, Samuel Allen, Alexander, married Elizabeth Smith (marriage bond, February 20, 1808) Archer, deceased at date of will, Thomas Jefferson, deceased at date of will, married Elizabeth Ball (marriage bond February 27, 1806) Patsy, who married Brewer and Judith.

Pages 120, 121,
Information from Family Bible of Thomas Jefferson the second.

The Soul of my dear Father Field Jefferson departed this life February 10, 1765.  It being Sunday Morning about ten o'clock.  He being in the sixty Second year of his age.  PFJ
The Soul of my Dear Brother Thos Jefferson Departed this life December 5, 1783.  PFJ
The Soul of My Dear Father departed this life January 1, 1974. SAJ
The Soul of my Dear mother departed this life the 7th Day of May 1828.  SAJ
Peter Feild Son of Feild and Mary Frances Jefferson was born March 14, 1735.
Elizabeth Wife of Peter Feild Jefferson and Daughter of Samuel Allan and Wife Martha Allan was born December 7, 1739.
Peter Field and Elizabeth Allan was married May 30, 1762.
Feild Son of Peter Feild and Elizabeth Jefferson was born April 1, 1763, it being Friday.
William Allan Son of Peterfeild and Elizabeth Jefferson was born December 14, 1764.  it being Friday.
Archer Son of Peterfield and Elizabeth Jefferson was born December 14, 1764.  It being Sunday.
Thomas Son of Peterfield and Elizabeth Jefferson was born March the 21, 1768.  It being Monday.
John son of Peterfeild and Elizabeth Jefferson was born February the 23rd 1770.  It being Friday Morning.
Frances Daughter of Peterfield and Elizabeth jefferson was born January the 11th, 1772.  It being Saturday Morning.
Judith Daughter of Peterfeild and Elizabeth Jefferson was born January the 7th 1774.  It being Friday.
Samuel Allan son of Peterfield and Elizabeth Jefferson was born March the 24, 1776, it being Sunday in the afternoon.
Alexander Son of Peterfield and Elizabeth Jefferson was born July 31st 1779, it being Saturday morning.
Martha Field Daughter of Peterfield & Elizabeth Jefferson was born April the 7, 1781 it being Saturday night.
Elizabeth Daughter of Peterfield and Elizabeth Jefferson was born September the 2nd 1785.
Samuel Allan Jefferson and Betsy Ann Jefferson were married June 20, 1803.
Samuel Jefferson Son Peterfeild Jefferson and his first cousin Elizabeth Ann Jefferson, daughter of John R. Jefferson and wife Elizabeth Broome on June 20, 1803.

Genealogical Abstracts from
18th Century Virginia Newspapers  by Robert K. Headley, Jr.
Jefferson Family, Pittsylvania Col, August Ct. 1798 in Chancery:  Samuel Hopkins and john Pucket (pltfs) against Elizabeth Jefferson, widow and relict of Peter F. Jefferson, Field Jefferson, William Jefferson, John Jefferson, Samuel Jefferson, George Murphy and Frances his wife formerly Frances Jefferson, Judith Jefferson who are of lawful age, and Alexander Jefferson, Patsy Jefferson, and Elizabeth Jefferson infants under 21 by Elizabeth Jefferson their gdn.

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Peter Field Jefferson 1735 - 1794

Peter Field Jefferson was the son of Field Jefferson of Lunenberg later Mecklenburg County, Virginia.  At the time of Peter Field's birth the monarch of England was George II.  George II reigned until 1760 when Peter Field was a young man.  George III acceded to the throne in 1760.  One of the developments of the colonist at this time was the growing pride and affection for the mother country.  But the mother country felt that the colonists were growing out of control and needed to be brought under stricter supervision.  One of the first measures that was taken was the Proclamation Line of 1763.  In the Words of the Proclamation Line of 1763, "whereas great frauds and abuses have been committed in purchasing lands of the Indians, and abuses have been committed in purchasing lands of the Indians, to the great prejudice of our interests, and to the great dissatisfaction of the Indians...," and in order to convince the Indians "of our justice and determined resolution to remove all reasonable cause of discontent we do ...strictly enjoin and require, that no private person do presume to make any purchase from the said Indians within the limits of our colonies..." Any land purchases must be made through officials of the British government, and no trading could be conducted with the Indians without a license issued in the name of the governor of the province.  Many of the colonists felt that the English Government was subordinating their interests for the interests of others.  One of the reasons for the English Governments law was to confine settlement to the Atlantic Coastline so that the settlements would be close to the shipping and English commerce.  However this did not stop many Virginians from settling outside the Proclamation Line.  From a Map of the Original Area Embraced in Lunenburg County, Virginia 1746, I believe that Field and his family lived in the boundaries of that area.

One of the biggest pressures on the British at this time was the great expenditure of the English motherland on the French and Indian War.  Their debt was calculated at almost 140 million pounds.  The men of the Parliament felt that they were already being taxed enough.    For instance, windowpanes were taxed, along with beer, cider, salt and much more was taxed.  They felt as if they had been taxed enough.  And not only that but the British were having to pay for the 10,000 soldiers that were left in the colonies for their protection.   Parliament had calculated that a colonist was being taxed at 8 shillings a person whereas an Englishman was being taxed at 18 pounds per person.   They considered this extremely unfair.

At this time Field is still living at home or near his father's home.  He married Elizabeth Allen on May 29, 1762 in Cumberland County.

In the Book Marriage Records of Cumberland County, page 74 Peterfield Jefferson married Elizabeth Allen on May 29, 1762  Surety:  John Jefferson     (This was probably his brother)
Consent:  Sam Allen gives consent for his daughter to marry.
Teste:  Daniel Bates  Teste:  Dick Holland

William and Mary Quarterly  22W(1) pages 194-195
Elizabeth Allen born December 17, 1739.
February 26, 1913
This Allen family appears to have resided first in New Kent Co., then in Henrico, then in Goochland, then in Cumberland and then in Prince Edward.  Samuel Allen, of Goochland was probably Samuel Allen, son of William allen, of New Kent, who was born according to St. Peter's Church Parish Register, Septembr 20, 1713.

According to Peterfield had eight brothers and sisters.
Thomas Jefferson, Elizabeth Jefferson, Frances Jefferson, George Jefferson, Mary Jefferson, Judith Jefferson, John Robertson Jefferson and Phoebe Jefferson.

Also in the Lunenberg County May Court, 1764, page 34   Lunenberg Order Books
It was ordered that the Church Wardens of St. James Parish bond out Milly Harris daughter of Mary Harris to Peter Field Jefferson and his wife, Elizabeth Jefferson.

More about Peter Field tomorrow.