Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace

Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace
This house and property belonged to John Ward, Jr At his death he willed the property to his nephew William Ward

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Robert Adams in Jamestown November 2, 2010

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November 2, 2010
Robert Adams in Jamestown continued
Adventurers of Purse and Person  Virginia  1607-1624/5
Fourth Edition  compiled and edited by John Frederick Dorman, C.G.,F.A.S.G.
Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc.

The Adventurers of Purse and Person was written to establish descents through the sixth generation of the approximate 150 individuals who can be identified as Adventurers of the Purse (Stockholders of the Virginia Company of London) who came to Virginia between 1607 and 1624/25 and had descendants or who did not come to Virginia within that period but whose grandchildren were residents thee or Adventurers of Person (immigrants of Virginia) who left descendants.

Excerpt  page 45

The Muster of the Inhabitants of Martins Hundred Taken the 4th of February 1624
Mr. William Harwood came in the Francis Bonaventure
Hugh Hughs came in the Guifte
Ann, his wife, came in the Abigall
Thomas Doughtie age 26, John Hasley aged 22 years, came in the Abigall
Samuel Weaver 20 came in the Bony Bess
Elizabeth Bygrave 12 came in the Warwick

Corne, 10 barrells; Fish, 12 hundred; Powder, 60 lb; Peeces fixt, 10; Machocks, 25 and 10 lb of Match; peece of Ordnance, 1 with all things thereto belonging; Shott, 300 lb; Armours, 8; Coats of male, 10; Costs of Steele, 3 and 20 Swords;Neat Cattell, 10 belonging to the Hundred; Houses, 3; Boat, 1.
Ellis Emerson, his wife Ann and Thomas, his sonn aged 11  came in the George 1623
Thomas Goulding aged 26 years came in the George 1623
Martin Slatier aged 20 came from Canada in the Swan 1624

Corne, 6 barrells; Fish, 3 ½  hundred; Power, 12 lb; Shott, 30 lb; Peeces fixt, 1, Matchcock, 1; Armour, 1 and 4 headps; Coats of Male, 2; Coate of Steele, 1; Swords, 2; Swine, 2; House,1.
Robert Addams and Augustine Leak came in the Bona Nova
Winifred leak his wife came in the George 1623

Richard Smith aged 24 years came in the George 1623
Corne, 3 barrells; Fish, 11 hundred; Powder, 6 lb; Shott, 5 lb; Peeces fixt 6;Armour, 1; Coat of plate, 1, Swords, 2; Piggs, 2, Houses, 2, Boat, 1

Stephen Barker came in the James
Humphrey Walden in the Warwick

Corne, 4 barrells; Fish, 3 ½ hundred; Powder, 3 lb; Shott, 5 lb; Peeces fixt, 2; Swords, 2.
John Jackson, his wife, Ann, came in the Warwick
A Child aged 20 weeks

Thomas Ward aged 47 yeres and John Stephens 35 yeres  came in the Warwick
Corne, 1 ½ barrel; Fish, 800, Powder, 2 lb; Shot, 6 lb; Peeces fixt, 4; Armours, 3, Coate of male, 1; Swords, 3; Houses, 1.

Samuel March came in the William & Thomas
Collice his wife in the Ann in 1623
Samuel Culley came in the London Marchant

Corne, 5 barrells; Fish, 5 hundred; Powder, 1 lb; Shott, 20 lbs; Peeces fixt, 3; Armour, 1,  Swords, 2.
Robert Scotchmore and his Company now planted heare are reconned before in the Maine
Dead at Martins Hundred this yeare
Alice Emerson a girle
Robert a boy of Mr. Emarsons
A girle of  John Jacksons and a child of Samuell March.

Please note that there is no mention of a wife of Robert Adams listed in the muster.  In the Muster of Captain Raph Hamor an Ann Addams is listed as a Maid servant.  They were in James City.  Could it be possible that she was an indentured servant.  I found another book Virginia Emigrants and Adventurers by Martha W. McCartney which may give me more information.  That is another trip to the library.

Back track notes for Robert Adams Captain
Page 240 of The Complete Book of Emigrants 1607-1660

Year 1649
February 12
Deposition of John Aslope of London, scrivener aged 32, made at the request of William Wickerley, citizen and cooper of London, and Robert Kirkeham, citizen and bowyer of London, re debts of Robert Adams of London, mariner, who died in Barbados. (MCD3)
Could this be Captain Robert Adams of the Blessing. 

Tips for the Genealogist

My advice is to read, read and read some more.  There is a wealth of books out there with information for the genealogist.

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  1. Most unlikely that the Ann Addams mentioned above was Robert's wife, or any man's wife, since indentured servants were forbidden to marry (hence the near innumerable bastardy cases brought before the early county courts). It was not at all uncommon for a man to buy the indenture of a woman he wished to marry, but marriage was disallowed between servants or between freed persons and servants.