Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace

Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace
This house and property belonged to John Ward, Jr At his death he willed the property to his nephew William Ward

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Grave Matters Montpelier Home of President James Madison and his wife Dolley.

It's been a long time since my last post and I hope that I can once again regularly blog to you about family matters and history.
I have recently returned to Virginia and I am certainly glad to be back.  Tennessee was nice, but Virginia is home.
Last Sunday my husband and I visited the home of President James Madison.  We visited over ten years ago and they had just started the renovations.  There was just a couple of rooms that they were in the process of renovating and some duplicates of Dolley Madison's dress.  Imagine my surprise with the newly renovated rooms, visitor center and Dupont Gallery.  It is becoming quite a place to visit and I hardily encourage anyone that has not been to go and if you have been, go again.  According to other visitors, every visit brings something new.  Everyone knows that President Madison was one of the main architects of our glorious Constitution.
"For the rest of his life he would be explaining and expounding the new Constitution-in congress, as President of the United States, and years later at Montpelier, answering letters from all over the country."
Catherine Drinker Bowen   Miracle at Philadelphia

I was thrilled to walk through the room that once housed his library, the dining room where so many personages visited, discussed and decided the nation's policies, and his bedroom- the place where a man for the ages drew his last breathe.

The Cemetery where James Madison is  buried is located where his father's first home once stood.   It is just a short walk from Montpelier.  Below are some pictures of the graves.

Fannie W Madison  wife of Jas A Madison born April 12, 1842 died October 28, 1899

In Memory of James A Madison born July 14, 1828  Died June 28, 1901

Our Mother Lucy M Madison  Born January 24, 1830  Died July 27, 1886

Ambrose G son of Dr. James A and Lucy Hiden Madison  Died February 28, 1928 age 81 years

Ambrose Madison born March 12, 1796 Died December 23, 1855

In Memory of Mary F Marye  born April 12, 1822  Died November 13, 1856

Alfred Madison  Born August 10, 1861  Died May 12, 1880

James Madison  Born November 26, 1855  Died  February 16, 1916

Susan Daniel  Daughter of Dr. James A Madison and Lucy Maria Hiden   1854-1938

J Madison Macon  born July 3, 1791  Died February 3, 1877
Lucetta T Newman his wife born January 9, 1799 Died  January 1, 1878

 Sarah C Macon  wife of Thomas Macon  daughter of James Madison Sr.  I couldn't read the birthdate.  Died October 17, 1843
 Thomas Macon  Born June 11  1765  Died  February 26, 1838
 Lucy H. Macon  Wife of Reuben Conway  Born February 21, 1794 Died May 13, 1871
 Reuben Conway  Born March 11, 1788 Died Regretted by all January 3, 1838
Did anybody notice that Lucy Macon's father Thomas died just one month later.
 D. John Willis Born at White Hall in Gloucester  on October 24, 1774 Died at Woodbury in Orange April 1, 1811
My wife Mary W Lee born September 8, 1805 married March 2, 1826 died March 29, 1836  Also her two sons Ambrose Madison  born February ?, 1822 died March 26, 1826 and John Willis  born March 21, 1836.  I could not read the death date.  I'm a little curious as to what happened here.

There are a few more pictures.  I will post them soon.