Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace

Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace
This house and property belonged to John Ward, Jr At his death he willed the property to his nephew William Ward

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Field Jefferson March 6, 1702 to February 10, 1765 continuing with Research notes

Seal of Lunenburg County, VirginiaImage via Wikipedia
Tyler's Quarterly  Volume 10  pages 174,175,176

A correspondent of Mr. Landon C. Bell writes:  Field Jefferson was twice married; First to Frances____, who died February 26, 1750.  His second wife was Mary Robertson who survived him.  I do not know the last name of his first wife.  He was born in 1702 and died February 16, 1765."
A deed recorded "in Lunenburg shows that Field Jefferson of Lunenburg County and Mary Allen of Albemarle County entered into a prenuptial arrangement January 1, 1754.  This lady was probably a widow, her maiden name being Robertson.  If this is the fact, then the entries in the Jefferson Bible must have been changed, and the names of his wives combined, so as to make one wife!

The following articles was this day made and muterly agreed upon and confirmed between Field Jefferson of Lunenberg County, and Mary Allen of Albemarle Coty, (to-wit)
Whereas, there is a marriage suddenly intended between the said Field Jefferson and Mary Allen, it is agreed that the said Field will give the said Mary lieve to give and dispose of one negro man when and to whom she shall think proper immediaetely after her marriage, and the residue of her estate at the day of her death, in case he should be the longest liver so that the said Field, his heirs and c. shall not injoy nor be possesst with any part of it after her death, and the said Mary for her part doth by these pressents agree and oblige herself to give up, deliver and relinquish all her rite and  dower to his heirs, executors and c. emidiately after the said Field Jefferson's death.
In penety thereof we do bind ourselves each to either, our heirs and c. in the just and full sum of five hundred pounds current money of Virginia.
In witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands and seals this first day of November, one thousand seven hundred and fifty three.
Interlin'd our heirs an; c before signed.
Sign'd, sealed and delivered, in presents of George Baskerville, Huchins Burton, Ruben Morgin his mark.

Field Jefferson
Mary Allen

At a Court held for Lunenburg County the lst day of january, 1754.  The within artcles was proved by the oaths of two of the witnesses thereto subscribed to be the act and deed of the within Field Jefferson and Mary Allen and the same was ordered to be recorded.
Teste:  Clement Read, C.L.C.
Recorded in Deed Book 3 page 412 and 413.

I have typed document as written.  These are not typographical errors.
Well, you certainly could read a great deal from this one research find.  First she didn't want her property to be disbursed to his family and he didn't want her receive his children's inheritance when he died.  And why did they phrase that first sentence  "marriage suddenly intended"?  Had they just met or was it a marriage of convenience.  One thing is certain.  Field Jefferson did have two wifes.  Frances _______________ and Mary Allen of Albemarle County and he didn't leave Mary any property in his will.  He does leave her a gold ring.

Virginia Magazine of History and Biography Volume 37 page 163

Henrico County pages 307, 308, 309, first Monday in June Court, 1731.  Field Jefferson and wife, Frances, convey to John Nash land willed by Major Peter Field in 1707 to his daughter, Mary, wife of Thomas Jefferson, the land located on south side Swift Creek.  Wit: Edward Cox, Peter Jones, William Chambers.

The Thomas Jefferson Bible: The Life And Morals of Jesus of Nazareth
The Jefferson Bible, Smithsonian Edition: The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth
Crucible and cornerstone--a history of Cumberland County, Virginia,
Cumberland County, Virginia Historical Inventory, Subject and Owner Indexes
Marriage records, 1749-1840, Cumberland County, Virginia
The Vestry Book of Southam Parish, Cumberland County, Virginia, 1745-1792

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Field Jefferson March 6, 1702 to February 10, 1765

*Tyler's Quarterly  Volume 7  page 121 and 122

Some excerpts from Bible which was owned by Thomas Jefferson of Henrico County, Virginia and prior to him ownership by Thomas Jefferson 1 son of *John Jefferson the emigrant 1612.

*This entry was not contemporary.  John Jefferson left no children.

Judith the Daughter of Thomas and Mary Jefferson was born August 30, 1698
Thomas the son of Thomas and Mary Jefferson was born September 24, 1790.
Feild the Son of Thomas and Mary Jefferson was born March 16, 1702.
The soul of my Dear Wife Mary Jefferson departed this life August the 13th about seven o'clock in the afternoon, it being Saturday, 1715.
The Soul of my dear Bro. Thos Jefferson departed this life February 14, 1723, he being in a voyage on board the Williamsburg.  Capt. Isham Randolph Commander to Virginia.
The Soul of my dear Father Thomas Jefferson departed this life February the 18th 1735 it being Thursday night, in the fifty third year of his age (Probably 1730 was intended instead of 1735)
The Soul of my dear Wife Mary Frances Jefferson departed this life February the 26/1750.  It being Tuesday about half an hour after 4 o'clok in the afternoon.  She being in Forty Fourth year of her age.  Feild Jefferson.
Peter Jefferson was born February 29, 1707.
The Soul of my dear Father Feild Jefferson departed this life February the 10th 1765 It being Sunday Morning about ten o'clock.  He being in the Sixty Second year of his age.
The Soul of my Dear Brother Thomas Jefferson departed this life December the 5th 1783. PFJ
The Soul of My Dear Father departed this life January the lst 1794. SAJ
The Soul of my Dear mother departed this life the 7th day of May 1828.  SAJ
The Soul of Thomas Jefferson Departed this Life February 14, 1814.
The Soul of William Allan Jefferson Departed this life August 19, 1814.
The Soul of Elizabeth Jefferson departed this life October 19, 1814.
Peter Feild Son of Feild and Mary Frances Jefferson was born March 14, 1735.
Elizabeth Wife of Peter Feild Jefferson and Daugher of Samuel Allan and wife Martha Allan was born December 7, 1739.
Peterfeild Jefferson and Elizabeth Allan was married May the 30, 1762.
Feild Son of Peter Feild and Elizabeth Jefferson was born April 1, 1763, it being Friday.
William Allan Son of Peterfeild and Elizabeth Jefferson was born December 14, 1764, it being Friday.
Archer son of Peterfeild and Elizabeth Jefferson was born May the 4th 1766 it being Sunday.
Thomas Son of Peterfeild and Elizabeth Jefferson was born March the 21, 1768, it being Monday.
John Son of Peterfeild and Elizabeth jefferson was born February the 23rd 1770, it being Friday morning.
Frances Daugher of Peterfeild and Elizabeth Jefferson was born Janaury the 11the 1772, it being Saturday morning
Judith Daughter to Peterfeild and Elizabeth Jefferson was born January the 7th, 1774.  It being Friday.
Samuel Allan Son of Peterfeild and Elizabeth Jefferson was born March the 24th, 1776, it being Sunday in the afternoon.
Alexander son of Peterfeild and Elizabeth jefferson was born July the 31, 1779, it being Saturday morning.
Martha Feild Daughter of Peterfeild and Elizabeth Jefferson was born April the 7, 1781 it being Saturday night.
Elizabeth daughter of Peterfeild and Elizabeth Jefferson was born September the 2nd day 1785.

It is clear from all the information that I am reading that there is some question as to the name of Mary Frances Robertson Jefferson.  I have been reading that her name was really Frances and that after she died in 1750 that Feild remarried to a Mary.  I see where they named a child Frances and not Mary.  One article stated that someone had just decided to add Mary to the Frances name.  Hopefully, this can be cleared up, but after all this time I do not know.

Cumberland parish, Lunenberg county, Virginia
The old Free state: A contribution to the history of Lunenburg County and southside Virginia
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Field Jefferson March 6, 1702 to February 10, 1765

Cumberland County CourthouseImage by taberandrew via Flickr
Field Jefferson was the third child of Thomas Jefferson II.  He was born at Henrico County, but at the time of his father's death he was not living on the Plantation.

Yesterday I researched Field Jefferson at the Tennessee State Archives.  For the next few days I will be posting information I found at the Archives.  After I have posted all my findings which will take another day's work at the archives, I will compile everything to see what we have found out.

Tyler's Quarterly Volume 7 Series 1  July 1925  page  49 and 50, 51 and 52

4.  Field Jefferson (Thomas 1, Thomas 2) moved from Chesterfield County to Lunenburg County, and resided in that part afterwards known as Mecklenburg County.  In October 1764, the General Assembly made a county of each of the parishes of Lunenberg.  Cornwall parish was made into Charlotte County, St. James Parish into Mecklenburg, and Cumberland into Lunenberg.  He married Mary (her family name has not yet been found), and his will is preserved in the Clerk's Office of Mecklenburg County.  It is dated June 8, 1762, and was proved June 10, 1765.  He describes himself in it as of "Lunenberg County" and names sons Thomas, Peterfield, George and John, daughters Mary Nicholls, Judith and Phebe, grandchildren Mary Dabney, Susanna and William Nicholls, and god-daughter Mary Burton.  To his son Peterfield he gave his residence in Mecklenburg.
There are also a number of deeds recorded in Lunenburg 1762 from Field Jefferson to his sons George, John and Peterfield, and to his grandson Field Jeffeson, son of Peterfield.
Issue: 25 Thomas 26 Peterfield 27 George 28 John, 29 Mary, maried Nicholls, and had Susanna and William, 30 Judith 31 Phobe.

26 PeterFeild Jefferson (Feild3, Thomas2, Thomas1) lived in Mecklenburg County, but there is a marriage bond in the Clerk's Office of Cumberland County, dated May 29, 1762, showing his marriage with Elizabeth Allen, and there is a letter there of Samuel Allen, consenting to the marriage of his daughter Elizabeth to Peterfeild Jefferson (William and Mary College Quaterly, XX page 23; XXII page 196).

George Jefferson, his brother, patented considerable tracts of land in Pittsylvania County, and in 1774 and 1776 he sold to Peterfeild Jefferson several of these dividends.  Peterfeild must soon have removed to that County, for in 1779, giving his residence as in Pittsylvania, he sold to Elisha Walker 380 acres of land there for 350 pounds.  (William and Mary College Quarterly XXIII, 181, 182)

There is no will of Peterfeild Jefferson recorded in Pittsylvania, but there is one of his wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Jefferson, dated in 1828.  According to this will Peterfeild Jefferson had issue 32 Feild, 33 John, 34 Samuel Allen, 35 Alexander, married Elizabeth Smith (marriage bond February 20, 1808, 36 Archer, deceased at date of will, 37 Thomas Jefferson, deceased at date of will, married Elizabeth Ball (marriage bond February 27, 1806), 38 Patsy, who married Brewer, and 39 Judith.

Pages 119 and 120

Some information contributed by Fanny Jefferson from the Thomas (2) Jefferson Family Bible.
Field Jefferson born March 16, 1702, married Mary Frances Robertson and died February 10, 1765.  His wife died February 25, 1750 (F.B.) He settled in what is now Mecklenburg County, Virginia, near Clarksville, about where the River Dan and Staunton form the Roanoke, and his farm was called Occaneechee."

We are concerned here with Feild Jefferson's sons 26 Peterfeild and 28 John, otherwise John Robertson Jefferson.
26 Peterfeild Jefferson was born March 14, 1735, married May 30, 1762, Elizabeth, born December 7, 1739 daughter of Samuel Allen of Cumberland County, Virginia(F.B.)  He had seven children whose names are given on page 51.
Of these 35 Alexander Jefferson was grandfather of Mr. David Alexander Jefferson of Chatham, Virginia; 37 Thomas Jefferson married on February 21, 1806 Elizabeth Ball, daughter of John and Mary Ball.  He died January 14, 1814 and his wife died December 27, 1857.

I called Cumberland County Court House and they were very helpful.  Their suggestion is to write to them by e-mail.  Give them as much information that you have available.  They will look up your information to see if it is there.  They will write back to let you know if it is there or not and how many pages will need to be copied.  The copy charge is fifty cents a page.  Their address is Post Office Drawer 8  Cumberland, Virginia 23040.  To get their e-mail address just go to their website below and click on their names.
Jefferson The Virginian By Dumas Malone,_Virginia

Cumberland County, Virginia Historical Inventory, Subject and Owner Indexes
Marriage records, 1749-1840, Cumberland County, Virginia
The Vestry Book of Southam Parish, Cumberland County, Virginia, 1745-1792
Cumberland County, Virginia Tithable Lists for 1759
People From Cumberland County, Virginia: Dennis Pennington, Jackson T. Davis, Littleberry Mosby, George Walton, Edwin Augustus Keeble
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Friday, June 17, 2011

The Children of Thomas Jefferson II

Counties of the Richmond Metropolitan Statisti...Image via Wikipedia
All of Thomas Jefferson's children were born in Henrico County, now Chesterfield County, Jefferson's Landing now known as Osborne's Landing, Virginia,

1. Judith Jefferson born August 30, 1698.  She married George Farrar. George and Judith began their married life on Farrar's Island which was not far from Jefferson's Landing. Later they lived on land deeded to them by her father in 1729 called  Gilly's Mill Plantation.  Sometime between 1750 and 1760 they moved to Mecklenburg County, Virginia where her brother Field Jefferson lived.  She died sometime on or about 1786 in Mecklenburg County, St. James Parish.

Judith and George Farrar's Children:
  • Samuel Farrar
  • Mary Moore Farrar was born about 1720 in Farrar Island, Henrico County, Virginia, and died before 1793 in Mecklenburg County, Virginia.  Mary married Thomas Moore about 1742 in Henrico County, Virginia.
  • George Farrar, Jr.  was born 1722 in Farrer Island, Henrico County, Virginia and died 1761 in Mecklenburg, County, Virginia.
  • William Farrar was born about 1724 in Farrar Island, Henrico County, Virginia and died 1788 in Granville, North Carolina.
  • Major Thomas Farrar was born August 16, 1726 in Farrar Island, Henrico County, Virginia and died August 20, 1809 in Carnesville, Franklin County, Georgia.
  • John Farrar was born 1728 in Farrar Island, Henrico County, Virginia and died February 1808 in Wake County, North Carolina.
  • Priscilla Farrar was born June 9, 1729 in Chesterfield County, Virginia and died October 1808 in Madison, Franklin County, Georgia.
  • Peter Farrar  was born June 6, 1730 in Farrar Island, Henrico County, Virginia died October 1, 1815 in Edgefield, South Carolina.
  • Able Farrar was born 1731 in Farrar Island, Henrico County, Virginia and died 1765 in the French and Indian War.
  • Field Farrar was born 1732 in Farrar Island, Henrico County, Virginia and died October 1836 in TN.
2.Thomas Jefferson III born September 24, 1700. He was the oldest child and the apparent heir to Thomas II.  Thus he received the education and the expectations that Peter and Field did not receive.  Unfortunately he died on February 14, 1723 while on the ship the Williamsburg which was commanded by Captain Isham Randolph.  His brother Peter Jefferson would later marry Isham Randolph's daughter Jane.

3.Field Jefferson born March 6, 1702 died February 10, 1765.  He married Mary Frances Robertson.

Field and Mary Jefferson's Children were:
  • Thomas Jefferson-1733-1783
  • Peterfield Jefferson 1735-1794
  • Elizabeth Jefferson-1736?
  • Frances Jefferson-1738-1766
  • George Jefferson-1739-1780
  • Mary Jefferson(1740-?
  • Judith Jefferson(1741-?
  • John Robertson Jefferson(1742-1809)
  • Phoebe Jefferson(1743-1830)
In later posts I will be searching for information about Field Jefferson's family so forgive the lack of information on this blog.

4.Peter Jefferson born February 29, 1707/08 died August 17, 1757 Married Jane Randolph born February, 1720 died March 31, 1776.

Children of Peter and Jane Jefferson
  • Jane  born June 27, 1740 at Fine Creek never married  Died October 1, 1765
  • Mary born October 1, 1741 at Fine Creek married John Bolling on January 24, 1760
  • Thomas born April 2/13, 1743 at Shadwell married Martha Wayles Skelton on January 1, 1772 died July 4, 1826.  Third President of the United States, Author of the Declaration of Independence and of the Statute of Virginia for Religious Freedom, Governor of Virginia, Member of the Continental Congress, Member of the House of Burgesses 
  • Elizabeth born on November 4, 1744 at Shadwell unmarried died Feb. or Mar. of 1774 
  • Martha born May 29, 1746 at possibly Tuckahoe married Dabney Carr on July 20, 1765  died September 3, 1811
  • Peter Field born October 16, 1748 at Tuckahoe died November 29, 1748
  • Unnamed son born March 9, 1750 at Tuckahoe died March 9, 1750
  • Lucy born October 10, 1752 at Shadwell married Charles Lilburne Lewis on September 12, 1769 
  • Anna Scott born October 1, 1755 at Shadwell married to Hastings Marks on October, 1788
  • Randolph born October 1, 1755 at Shadwell married Anne Jefferson Lewis on July 30, 1780 died September 15, 1815.  

5.Mary Jefferson born on or around 1709 married Thomas Turpin.  Thomas Turpin lived in Goochland County, Cumberland and then later Powhatan County.  He was magistrate in Goochland County in 1735 and Sheriff of Goochland County 1741-1743.  He was also a magistrate in Cumberland County in 1740 and served as Lieutenant Colonel of the Cumberland County Militia in 1754.  His will was recorded in Powhatan County on September 16, 1790.

Mary and Thomas Turpin had the following children:
  • Martha died young.
  • Thomas died young.
  • Obedience, married August 24, 1754 to John Harris of "Norwood" then in Cumberland and later in Powhatan County.
  • Thomas married Martha Ward Gaines
  • Mary married March 9, 1761 to Richard James
  • William married June 23, 1773 to Sarah Harris
  • Philip died young
  • Lucy died young
  • Phillip married Caroline Rose
  • Peterfield never married
  • Horatio married March 30, 1803 to Mary Bancroft.

Note:  In many families if a child died very young, they would name another child by the same name.

6.Martha Jefferson born 1709 or later married Bennett Goode around 1740.  Bennett Goode was the son of John Goode of  "Falls Plantation"  in Chesterfield County.

Martha and Bennett Goode had the following children:
  • Susannah Goode
  • John Goode
  • Bennett Goode
  • Thomas Goode
  • Elizabeth Goode
  • Martha Goode
  • Lucy Ann Goode
  • Sarah Goode
  • Alice Goode
  • William Goode

I apologize for the lack of information for the Goode family

Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography edited by Lyon Gardiner Tyler page 868
William and Mary Quarterly Volume 25 page 110 and 111
Political Life in Eighteenth-Century Virginia (The Foundations of America)
Marriage bonds & ministers' returns of Chesterfield County, Virginia, 1816-1853
Chesterfield County (Virginia publick claims)
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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thomas Jefferson II

Seal of Henrico County, VirginiaImage via Wikipedia
Now begins the rise of the Jefferson family in Virginia.  Thomas Jefferson's II father started the family on their way, but Thomas Jefferson II was the heir that began the Jefferson legacy.  Thomas Jefferson began his life as a son of a farmer with multiple talents which he passed to his son.  TJII married Mary Field  on or around October 20, 1697.  Mary  Field was the daughter of Major Peter Field and Judith Soane.  Judith was the widow of Henry Randolph before she married Major Field.  The Randolphs were influential in Colonial Virginia and this maybe one of their beginning connections with this family.

By the beginning of the eighteenth century Thomas II was well on his way to becoming a gentlemen.  He was appointed Gentlemen Justice of Henrico County before he was thirty and continued to be one for almost twenty years.  Thomas II was a Captain of the County militia and after their musters they would all dine together.  In 1718 he was elected Sheriff of Henrico county and held that post for two years.
Quit Rent Rolls of 1704 for Henrico County showed Thomas II owning 492 acres.  In 1704 Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Harris, Matthew Branch and Thomas Turpin patented 628 acres in Henrico County on North Side of James River beginning on branch of Lucy's Spring for the transport of 13 persons and in 1718 Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Turpin, John Archer and Robert Easley  patented 1,500 acres in Henrico County at a place known by the name of Pine Creek, beginning above the upper fall of the said creek to branch of the upper Manakin Town Creek to mouth of Spring Run for transport of eighteen persons.

In 1723 Captain Jefferson also supervised the construction of a church in Bristol Parish for which he was paid.  For many years this church was called Jefferson's Church.

There is record of a Roast Beef Dinner being held at his home in which William Byrd II attended along with other wealthy gentlemen of Virginia.

Some interesting items to note is that Thomas II owned a racing horse called Bony which won at least one high stakes race.

Thomas lost most of his wealth due to a fire.  In 1720 he petitioned the House of Burgesses for Relief .  He could not honor a debt of 6,480 pounds of Tobacco and they attached his plantation for the debt.

Thomas Jefferson II  Born December 7, 1679   Died February 18, 1730
Will of Thomas Jefferson II
In the name of God, Amen.  I Thomas Jefferson being in Health and perfect memory, do make this my last Will and Testament in Manner and form following:
Imprimis:  I give unto my son  Field Jefferson a Mourning Ring of the value of twenty shillings.
Item- I give unto my son Peter Jefferson and to his heirs forever all my land on Fine Creek and on Manakin Creek, but if my said son should die before he be twenty one years of age then I give my land aforesaid to be equally divided between my three daughters Judith, Mary and Martha and their heirs forever.  I also give unto my son Peter my chest and wearing clothes with the cloth and trimming that is in the chest, my cane, Six Silver spoons, which I bought of Turpin two horses names Normand, Squirrell, my trooping Arms and gun I had of Joseph Wilkinson, two feather beds, ruggs and blankets, one suit of curtains and vallains, a diaper table cloth and six napkins, two iron potts and hooks, one large and one small, a brass kettle I had of Thomas Edwards, one couch standing in the hall and the two tables standing there, six leather chairs, half of my stock of cattle, sheep and hogs, on condition my son Peter live to be twenty one years old, but if he die before he arrive to that age then I give the said two Negroes and all of the things aforesaid to be equally divided between my two daughters Mary and Martha and their heirs forever.
Item- I give unto my daughter Mary a ruch leather trunk marked MI and six silver spoons, six leather chairs.
Item - I will and direct that my one half part of Gilly's Mill, the land I lately bought of George Carter, the land mortgaged by Rill and all the remaining part of my estate (except my two Negroes Jenny and Nanny) be sold by Major William Kennon and Henry Wood and that ten pounds of the money (after my just debts are first paid and discharged) be given unto my daughter Judith Farrar and the remaining part be equally divided between my two daughters Mary and Martha.
Item - I give unto my daughter Judith Farrar my black walnut safe and silver tumbler and three silver spoons.
Item - I give unto my daughter Martha and to her heirs forever my negro girl Nanny.  I also will that the labour of my negro woman Jenny shall be towards the maintaining my daughter and then when my said daughter shall be sixteen years old I will and devise my said negro Jenny and all her increase to be equally divided between my daughters Mary and Martha and their heirs forever.
Item- I desire my sister Martha Winn to take care of my daughter Martha and I desire Capt. Henry Randolph to take care of my daughter Mary.
Item- My will is that if my daughter Mary or Martha die before they are of age or married that then the several legacies hereby bequeathed by and remain to the survivor of them.  If they both die then that everything given them in this Will be equally divided between my son Peter and my daughter Judith Farrar and their heirs.
Item- My will is that if my son Field or his heirs shall recover the money I received for those Negroes that were hanged that the same be equally divided between my son Peter and my daughters Mary and Martha
Item- I constitute and appoint my son Peter executor of this my last Will.  Witness my hand seals this 15th day of March 1725.
Witness Benjamin Branch Thomas Jefferson Henry Moody
Proved in Henrico County Court, First Monday in April 1731 by Peter Jefferson Test:  Bowler Cocke, Clerk.

Wife and Children of Thomas Jefferson II

Mary Field  Born   February 3, 1679   Died  August 13, 1715
May have married again to an Alice Ward.


Judith  Born August 30, 1698
Thomas III  Born September 24, 1700
Field Born March 6, 1702
Peter Born February 29, 1707/08
Mary born 1709 or later          
Martha after 1709

Note: Mary and Martha were under the age of 16 at the time he wrote his
Will in 1725 making their birth date 1709 or later.                   

Jefferson the Virginian  Dumas Malone
A life Thomas Jefferson   Willard Sterne Randall
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The Jeffersons at Shadwell (The Lamar Series in Western History)
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The Secret Diary of William Byrd of Westover, 1709-1712 (Research Library of Colonial Americana)
Another Secret Diary of William Byrd of Westover for the Years 1739 - 1741
The Great American Gentleman: William Byrd of Westover in Virginia--His Secret Diary for the Years 1709-1712

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Thomas Jefferson I and II

When Thomas Jefferson and his son Thomas lived in Henrico County, they were living on the edges of a vast Forest inhabited by Indians and bold adventurers.  It is true that Thomas Jefferson I married well.  Thomas Jefferson I married Mary Branch, the granddaughter of Christopher Branch who was a large landowner of over 1,300 acres and a member of the House of Burgesses. At Christopher Branch's death, he acquired one fifth of his estate.  In 1682 He purchased 167 acres near the Falls of the James and he was a skilled hunter receiving bounty for killing wolves.  In colonial days wolves were a terrible problem to the farmers killing livestock and threatening the lives of the settlers so the colonial government paid bounties for killing the wolves.  He also learned how to survey and was hired to survey highways for the local area.  In previous blogs I had written that Thomas Jefferson I had three children Thomas Jefferson II, Martha and Mary.  I can find no reference in several books that I have read about a child named Mary so I must admit that I may have read that wrong in another article.  So Thomas Jefferson I had two children Thomas Jefferson II and Martha.
Thomas Jefferson, husband, father, planter, surveyor and hunter was a trusted member of the community.  He is on record as having served on juries and serving as an executor of wills.  Thomas Jefferson never was referred to as an esquire, just mister,but he began his families fortunes on the Falls of the James. I wander sometimes if they ever knew that in hundreds of years to come the name of Jefferson would never be forgotten.

His children

Martha Jefferson married a Winn.  In her brother's will he states, "I desire my sister Martha Winn to take care of my daughter Martha.  It is spelled Winn in the will.

Thomas Jefferson II born 1677 married Mary Field daughter of daughter of Major Peter Field and Judith Soane.  They were married October 20, 1697.

His Wife

Three years after the death of her husband Thomas, she married Joseph Mattocks (Mattox) on November 16, 1700.

Early Virginia Families Along the James River : Their Deep Roots and Tangled Branches, Volume 3 : James City County & Surry County, Virginia
The James River Guide
Plantation Homes of the James River
The River Where America Began: A Journey Along the James
Jefferson the Virginia by Dumas Malone
A Life Thomas Jefferson by Willard Sterne Randall
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Monday, June 13, 2011

The Other Jefferson Family

We have established the first Thomas Jefferson was living in Henrico County, Virginia between the years 1670 to 1697.  During that time he married Mary Branch and had three children:  Thomas, Mary and Martha.  His son Thomas stayed in Henrico County now Osbornes, Chesterfield County.  He was born in 1679 and  died on February 18, 1731.  He married Mary Field and they had seven children: Thomas, Peter, Field, Judith, Martha, Mary and Alice.  Now we know that Peter was the father of Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States and there have been numerous articles and books written about Thomas Jefferson, III, but at this point we will be breaking away from that branch of the family and following the Field Jefferson Family.  But before we do that it is my goal to report as much as I can find out in facts about the first two Thomas Jeffersons.

Thomas Jefferson
1653 to 1697
married Mary Branch
1660 to 1700
Henrico County

Children born of the Marriage 

Thomas Jefferson 
1679 to February 18, 1731
Mary Jefferson
Martha Jefferson
All born in the area of Osbornes, Chesterfield County, Virginia

While searching for information on Thomas Jefferson I and II I found the following:

The Edward Pleasants Valentine Papers Abstracts of Records in the Local and General Archives of Virginia 
  • Volume 3 page 1774

Thomas Jefferson was stated as a surveyor of the highways.  Richard Womack, John Womack presented among other by Thomas Jefferson surveyor of the highways for refusing to assist him in cleasring same (after notice given)  February 1, 1683.

This is probably Thomas Jefferson I.

  • Volume 3  page 1780    (I have typed it here as written)

In obedience to his Excys. Comand of the third of this Instant Aprill Requiring us to give account whether all or any of the Inhabitants of the Coty. are fearfull or apprehensive of the Indian Commonly called the Emperor of Piscatoway or Architekes and his Indians doing any mischief & c. the following orders were made.  Edward Tanner constable do give notice to all the principall inhabitants & others within his precinct, especially to Capt. Jos. Royall, Ab. Womeck, Francis Patram, Hen. Lound, Hen Hatcher, Thos. Osborne, Thos. Edwards, Thos. Jefferson &Edward Haskins to appear at ye Court house upon Friday next being 21st instant, that farther inquiry may be made &c.  April 15, 1699. Ibid page 225.

At or around 1697 the Piscatoway Indians who were located in Maryland started to migrate to the mountains of Virginia due to pressures and accusations by colonist.

  • Volume 2 page 857

Henrico April Court:  1712
Thomas Jefferson appointed to survey roads.  Mr. Thomas Jefferson to survey from his own house to Falling Creek and to Parishes Plantation.

  • Volume 3  page 1797

September 7, 1725
George Carter to Thomas Jefferson for 15 pounds 250 acres in Henrico County called Wintopock.   This land was devised to George Carter by Richard Womack, deceased.

These last three references I believe should be contributed to Thomas Jefferson II. 

The Annals and History of Henrico Parish Diocese of Virginia and St. John's Church P.E. Church 

page 227
marriage records
Thomas Jefferson to Mary Field daughter of Major Peter Field     November 20, 1697

Joseph Mattox of Charles City County to Mary Jefferson, Relict of Thomas Jefferson  April 1, 1702.

Relict means widow or survivor.  So this should be Thomas Jefferson's I wife Mary Branch.

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Other Jefferson Family

Our first known Thomas Jefferson was born on or around 1653 and died in Henrico County, Virginia in 1697.  I have been searching for information on this Jefferson through online sources.  This week I have been reading through the Monticello website and they have placed doubt on the Snowden, Wales birthplace ancestry.  In their information they state that there is no evidence of a Jefferson living in the Snowdonia area.  But this doesn't mean that they didn't come from there, but rather that they were from the mercantile or yeoman class. When an individual was  from the farm or merchant class the records were not as accurate as a individual from the gentry.

Also, some historians and genealogist have found a  Samuel Jeffreson from Pettistree, Suffolk.  There is a link for the area below.  Pettistree is a wonderful village which is named after the church which was built in the mid thirteenth century.  The legend is that before Christianity came to the area they worshiped Odin and they worshiped the tree that was sacred to Odin.  The Christians built the church near the tree and named it Pettistree for St. Peter and for the sacrd tree.  This Samuel Jeffreson born in Pettistree 1607 left and moved to St. Kitts and Antigua.  He is said to have had three sons and one of them went by the name of Thomas.  This could be our Thomas Jefferson I.

Whether he was from Snowden or Suffolk we may never know.  We do know that part of the Peter Jefferson estate was named Snowden.  So he had would not have picked that name out of the air.  In all likelihood,  he heard from his father that their family had lived there at one time as Jefferson mentions in his autobiography.
Below is an excerpt from his autobiography.

The tradition in my father's family was that their ancestor came to this country from Wales, and from near the mountain of Snowdon, the highest in Gr. Br. I noted once a case from Wales in the law reports where a person of our name was either pl. or def. and one of the same name was Secretary to the Virginia company. These are the only instances in which I have met with the name in that country.

By all accounts Thomas Jefferson I was a middle class planter that settled in the Kingsland area near Farrars Island in Henrico County.  Sometime before 1678 he  married Mary Branch granddaughter of Christopher Branch which places him in Henrico County in the 1670s.  They had three children Thomas Jefferson II,  Mary and Martha.

In the book Branch of Abingdon being a partial account of the ancestry of Christopher Branch of Arrowhattock and Kingsland in Henrico County on page 123 the Will of Christopher Branch conveys to Thomas Jefferson one hogshead of tobacco of 400 pounds weight.  He also names his granddaughter Mary Branch wife of Thomas Jefferson.  The Will was dated June 20, 1678.

Below is a map of Virginia.  Please note the location of Richmond, Chesterfield and Henrico County.  Our first Jefferson ancestor lived in Henrico County which is now Chesterfield County.  Henricus was formed in 1611 and decimated by the Indian Massacre of 1622.  Henrico County was formed in 1636-one of the eight original shires of the Virginia Colony.  In 1749 Chesterfield County was cut out of Henrico.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Other Jefferson Family

In these posts I will be addressing the Jefferson Family and their beginnings and then I will be branching away from Thomas Jefferson's family (Peter Jefferson) and following the Field Jefferson family.  Field Jefferson is the brother of Peter Jefferson.

From everything I have read so far about the Jefferson family, they came from Wales and specifically Mount Snowden area, north west Wales, near Gynned.  I found some beautiful pictures of the area that you will see in the below links.   It's hard to believe that someone would leave this wonderful place.  Mt. Snowden written in Welsh is Yr Wyddfa which means Tumulus or tomb.  It is said that King Arthur killed the giant Rith Gawr on the summit of the mountain.  Rith Gawr was a slayer of men and kings that used the beard of his vanquished for his coats.  Water monsters and faeries also live in the mystical Welsh mountains.

Although  Wales is a lovely place, men were looking to expand their fortunes and were seeking religious freedom in the seventeenth and eighteenth century.  I do not know the reason why this family of Jefferson's immigrated to America, but I can imagine the stories of fortunes and freedom were a great lure.  They first traveled to the Virgin Islands as you will see below.

The First Thomas Jefferson was born on St Christopher's Island in the British Virgin Islands in 1656 and there are some sources that say he was born in Gynned, Wales in 1653. He is said to be the son of Samuel Jeafferson, but his mother's name is unknown.  They had a Tobacco Plantation at St. Christophers, but they moved to Antiqua in 1669.   St Chrisptopher or St. Kitts was colonized by the English in 1623/1628.  I have posted a map below.  So in all probability Samuel Jeafferson was one of the first settlers of St. Christophers.  You will also see  Antiqua on the map below.  Later during First Thomas Jefferson's young adult life he would move to Henrico County, Virginia.

Below is a excerpt from the book "Thomas Jefferson:  A Life" by Willard Sterne Randall  page 3

The first particular information I have of any ancestor was of my grandfather, Jefferson wrote in his memoirs.  Jefferson seems to have known nothing of his great-grandfather, Thomas Jefferson I, a yeoman farmer who was also the first of his family to move to the western frontier of Virginia.  Thomas I was married to Mary Branch, the granddaughter of Christopher Branch, who had been a member of the House of Burgesses and had amassed at least 1,380 acres. In April 1682, Thomas Jefferson I purchased 167 acres in Henrico County near the falls of the James.  A skilled hunter, he collected bounties for killing wolves.  He also learned surveying, thus establishing a family tradition.  Accumulating a modest fortune, he was nevertheless referred to as "mister," rather than "esquire," indicating he was less than prominent in the colony. Trusted by his neighbors, he was frequently asked to serve on juries and several times was executor of his neighbors' estates.  The Henrico County Court appointed him surveyor of the public highways.  His marriage to Mary Branch brought him a son, Thomas, a daughter, Martha, and one-fifth of his wife's father's property.  By the time he died in 1697, Thomas I owned several slaves, enough to produce nearly two tons of tobacco a year.  He estate included such hints of luxury as  "an old silver dram cup, buttons and shoe buckles.

Thomas Jefferson by John Torrey Morris page 2
Thomas Jefferson by Henry Childs Merwin page 1
Thomas Jefferson by David Saville Muzzey, PHD  page 2

Information about Mt. Snowden,-Wales&id=176332

Memoir, Correspondence, and Miscellanies, From the Papers of Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson: A Film by Ken Burns [VHS]

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Monday, June 6, 2011

D-Day Rememberance

Today like so many of us we are remembering the allied invasion of Europe on the beaches of Normandy on June 6, 1944.  Over nine thousand soldiers were killed or wounded on that day, but many,many more started their march across Europe to peace in Europe.  I found this tombstone while in Gretna, Virginia.  I don't know if he was in the invasion, but I thought it was fitting that I attached a photo of someone that was involved in the war.

Also, if anyone has the chance to go to Bedford, Virginia this year.  You should check out the National D-Day Memorial there.  Bedford, Virginia suffered the highest per capital D-Day losses in the nation.

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