Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace

Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace
This house and property belonged to John Ward, Jr At his death he willed the property to his nephew William Ward

Thursday, June 28, 2012

More Mystery Pictures

These are more of the pictures that may be a part of the Ramsey or Clack Stone family.  As before, if anyone knows the identity of these people, please write.

 There is a date on this picture of 1894.  It isn't a tintype.  The back of the picture says send your cabinet and get 12 miniatures for 25 cent posted note.  They said no tintypes copied.  F. J. Walsh, No. 353 Perry Street, Trenton, NJ.

There was no zip code, of course.  Zip codes did not come into existence until 1963.    It looks like this young fellow was dressed in a sailor suit or it could be a girl, but my first impression was of a boy.

 This picture was on a tintype.  I don't know what kind of outfit the little boy is wearing.  Looking at it a little more closely I believe this may be a little girl with her hair pulled back.
 This picture was taken by C.A. Pugh Photographer of Chatham, VA.    This is a handsome young fellow with a spiffy outfit.  It would be a shame for him to remain anonymous.
This is unknown woman on a tintype.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

George W Dove

This is a picture of George W. Dove.  He was married to Cornelia V. Ward Walden.  Cornelia was married to Littleton Tazewell Walden until his death due to a riding accident before the War Between the States.  George W. Dove met his untimely death in 1895 so this picture would have to have been taken before then.  Their daughter was Rose/Rosa Lee Dove who was married to Albert Lee Dalton.

Above is a picture of Albert Lee Dalton and Rosa Lee Dove.

If anyone has a picture of Cornelia Ward Dove, I would really like to have a copy.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pictures from the Past Possibly Ramsey or Stone Family

 I have no information on this man other than that it was taken on a tintype.  This process of photography was used between 1856 and 1940, but mainly during the nineteenth century.

The Photography studio for the above young ladies picture was C.R. & A. H. Blunt located in Danville, Va.  I have been searching for a date for the picture.  I already found where the photographer A. H. Blunt committed suicide on June 13, 1912. They also said that he was a photographer in Danville, Va.  I found that in the Magazine Bulletin of Photography Volume 11.
 This picture was taken by the Edwards Excelior Photograph Gallery  804 Main Street Lynchburg, VA.  By the fashion of his clothes I would say this was taken during the 1880s.
Someone kindly wrote this fellow's name on the back of the picture.  His name is Samuel Stone.  They also said that he was Aunt Chappies' youngest brother.  Oldest brothers were Eddie Stone, Jimmy Stone, Clack Stone.  This was also taken by A. H. Blunt.

About a month ago my brother gave me these pictures.  His mother in law gave them to him.  I don't know the exact particulars, but they supposedly are people that have a relation to the Ramseys or the Bennetts of Pittsylvania County, Virginia.  Above are the first four photos.  As before, if anyone has any idea about the relationship of these people, please write.  There was a Clack Stone in the that had a brother named Jimmy.  They served in the Civil War and someone used this Stone to apply to be in the SAR.