Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace

Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace
This house and property belonged to John Ward, Jr At his death he willed the property to his nephew William Ward

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

August 18, 2010

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We will be leaving Amelia County soon.  We have traveled with the Chiles family from Jamestown  to Amelia County.
We began in 1636 with Walter Chiles (1) who owned the Kemp House in Jamestown and his son Walter (2) who was also a resident of  Kemp House, Jamestown.   We then traveled with Henry Chiles(1) the son of Walter(2)  to New Kent,Virginia where he was an active member of that society.  Lastly we have moved to Amelia County with Henry(2) the son of Henry(1).  Please note the following county formations:
Amelia County named for Princess Amelia Sophia of Great Britain daughter of King George II.  This county was established in 1735 and the land was taken from Prince George County and Brunswick County.
Brunswick County  formed in 1720 was taken from Prince George County.
Prince George County formed in 1702 was taken from Charles City County which was one of the eight original shires.
New Kent County where Henry(1) resided was formed in 1654 from York and James City County two of the original eight shires.  York was named Charles River County in 1643.

Henry’s (2) daughter Anne is our last remaining Chiles Heir.
Anne had five siblings: John, Henry, Paul, Elizabeth and Susanna.
This information taken from The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography Volume XX page 106
Henry (3) lived in Bedford County, Virginia.  His will dated October 9, 1757 and recorded in the Bedford County Clerk’s Office on November 27, 1758.  He died without issue, mentioning as devisees his “well beloved mother, Ann Chiles, of the County of Halifax; well beloved brother, John Chiles, of Prince Edward Co. Planter and his sister Ann Ward.  Executors:  John Chiles, John Ward and Ann Chile.
Paul  lived in Halifax and Albemarle counties.  Owned acreage in Amelia and Albemarle counties which were given to him by his father. Patented land in Lunenburg County, Albemarle county and Bedford County.  His will recorded in Halifax County in 1761 names as his executors his wife, Ann Chiles, his brother John Chiles and his brother-in-law, John Ward. Will provided for sons Henry, Paul and Rowland; daughters, Elizabeth and Frances.
John Chiles lived in Pittsylvanaia county where he died in 1778. Inherited 678 acres in Albemarle County from his father.  His wife’s name was Elizabeth.  John’s son by the same name emigrated to Kentucky in 1784.
Undocumented Informaton
Susanna Chiles.  I have found no documented information.  Many of the genealogist say she married Valentine Allen.  They may have moved to South Carolina.
Elizabeth Chiles.  I have found no documented information. As before I found some information that she was married to a Robert Jennings.
Tomorrow I will begin with Ann which will tie me back to John Ward.

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