Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace

Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace
This house and property belonged to John Ward, Jr At his death he willed the property to his nephew William Ward

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

August 4, 2010 Walter Chiles 1649-1653

The Appomattox River at Matoaca, VirginiaImage via Wikipedia

Walter Chiles, Merchant, Ship Owner, Adventurer, Planter in the New World
1648 – 1653

·         William and Mary Quarterly   Volume X  page 25

Walter Chiles October 29, 1649 - 813 acres on the Southo’y side of Appomattox River

·         The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography
Volume VIII page 107       September 29, 1651

Council held at James Cittie names Walter Chiles as a Lt. Colonel

·         Sevier Family History  by Cora Bales Sevier and Nancy S. Madden
·         William and Mary Quarterly  Series One Volume 1 page 75

Walter Chiles was the owner of a ship called, the “Fame of Virginia”
The Fame of Virginia was returning from Rotterdam in 1652, whence she had sailed from Virginia on Jan. 24, 1651. Upon reaching Chesapeake Bay, she put into port in Accomack County, after being there a short time, the ship sailed for James City, but was pursued and captured by Capt. Robert Henfield, who held a commission from the Protectors of the Liberties of England, Cromwell’s government.  Three hours after which in Hungar’s Roads, Eastern Shore, the ship name “Hopeful Adventure” under Captain Richard Husbands came up and made seizure, under the pretext that Chiles had no license from Parliament and was bound with cargo for Brazil.
Chiles immediately applied to the Northamption authorities for assistance, maintaining that the seizure was “contrarie to ye peace of this country and also cont’y to ye aggreem’t made by ye Com’rs that were appointed by ye Keepers of Ye Libertyes of England and ye damage of ye two thousand pounds sterling,” according to Northumberland records.  The ship was order released, but Capt. Richard Husbands sailed away with the vessel “to ye great indignation of ye commissioners thereof."

·         Henings Statutes at Large Volume 1  Grand Assembly July the 5, 1653  page 377

Governor Richard Bennett’s letter to the House of Burgesses  advising them to choose another Speaker because of Walter Chiles involvement in the Fame of Virginia/Leopoldus matter.

·         Henings Statutes at Large Volume 1  Grand Assembly July the 5, 1653  page 378

The Burgesses sent a letter back to the governor requesting that Lev’tt Coll. Edward Major, Levtt Coll. Geo Fletcher, Mr. William Hockaday and Mr. William Whitby meet with the Governor to request them the reasons why the Governor and his council cannot join with the Burgesses about the election of Walter Chiles for Speaker of the Assembly.

Walter Chiles resigns and the House accepts his resignation so that he can attend his personal affairs.

·         Henings Statutes at Large Volume 1  Grand Assembly July the 5, 1653  page 379

The names of the Burgesses for the severall Plantations.  Names- Left. Coll. Chiles as a Burgess for James Cittie.

·         Henings Statutes at Large Volume 1  Grand Assembly July the 5, 1653  page 382/383

Sale of the Ship Leopoldus to Walter Chiles for 400 pounds sterling

·         Henings Statutes at Large Volume 1  Grand Assembly July the 5, 1653  page 377

House of Burgess appropriation of proceeds of the sale of the forfeited ship Leopoldus.

·         The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography  Volume III  page 310/311/312

Leopoldus .  The Leopoldus was a Dutch ship engaged in the traffic between Virginia and Holland.  The ship was seized in 1653 and adjudged “forfeit and according confiscated according to the act of Parliament for increase of Navigation.”   During this time England and Holland were at war and the Leopoldus was probably seized because  she did not have a special license to trade between Holland and Virginia.
According to testimony by Richard Sternell and Robert Wooddy,  on or about  June 6, 1653. The Leopoldus was lying at anchor in Elizabeth River.  He did see Mr. Gunnell and Mr. Reade Masters of London Shipps, their ships were lying at anchor in James River at Newport News.  These two masters came on board the Leopoldus with five men.  They demanded to know where the ship was from and the reply was Dunkurke.  The two masters then demanded to see the ships Commission and they told them that their Captain and capsmen had carried them with them to the Governor.  They had Leff’t Coll’ Cornelius Loyd assist them in taking the ship as a prize. 

Ambler MSS  From the Manuscript Division of the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. 

Deed dated November 20, 1673, Deed from James Wadding and Susanna, his wife, (formerly Susanna Chiles, the wife of the late Walter Chiles, jr. to John Page conveying land and Kemp House.  In the body of the deed the following is stated that “In or about the year of our Lord, one thousand six hundred fifty and three, the said Walter Chiles, the father dyed.

This is just a summary of the documents.  Please see referenced documents for more information.

The above photograph is the Appomattox River.

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