Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace

Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace
This house and property belonged to John Ward, Jr At his death he willed the property to his nephew William Ward

Monday, December 5, 2011

Jefferson Family

I was bogged down before Christmas trying to find a funeral account or obituary for William Thomas Jefferson.  He died in Pittsylvania County, Virginia and I read in a report that someone had found a January 4, 1913 obituary from the Danville Register. has the Danville Register/Bee from 1922 to 1977which leaves me out.
After that disappointment, I called the Danville Register and spoke to the archives room.  They couldn't look it up, but they directed me to the Danville Historical Society that directed me to the Piedmont Historical Society.  No luck there either.  I think I am spinning my wheels here.  I may have enough.  This is what I have so far.

lst generation
My information  marriage license, birth certificate.

2nd generation
My mother and father's marriage license and birth certificate.

All the above is pretty simple, but then in the third generation I have the following:

3rd generation
Eros Gray Bailey

His marriage license to Kissie Mae Crawley
His death certificate, but it does not list his mother's name.
The 1910 census listing Eros Gray Bailey as the son of Robert and Henrietta Bailey
The 1930 census listing Eros Gray Bailey and his wife Mae and son Harold.  They were living in Henry County at the time.
I also talked to my mother about Melvin Bailey that was listed in the 1910 census and she didn't remember a Melvin.  But she did remember that he had a sister named Melba. Melba was also listed in some of the obituaries that I found.
Flossie Bailey Owen (Eros's sister) obituary naming Henrietta Jefferson as her mother.
Minnie Bailey Giles (Eros's sister) obituary naming Henrietta Jefferson as her mother.
Eros's obituary only named his parents as Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bailey.

4th generation
Henrietta Jefferson that was married to Robert L. Bailey

Their marriage license
1900 census  married to Robert Bailey
1910 census  Married to Robert Bailey
1930 census  living with Ella Bailey in Chatham, Virginia.  widow
1880 census  living with William T Jefferson and Matilda J. Jefferson and siblings
1870 census  living with William T. Jefferson and Matilda J. Jefferson and siblings

5th generation
William Thomas Jefferson that was married to Matilda Jane Ramsey

Their marriage bond
1850 census  living with Alexander and Polly Jefferson
1860 census  married to Matilda
1870 census  married to Matilda
1880 census  married to Matilda
1900 census married to Matilda

6th generaton
Alexander Jefferson that was married to Mary (Polly) Mahan

Elizabeth Jefferson Will recorded in Pittsylvania County Will Book 1 page 149 naming Alexander Jefferson as one of her sons
Book:  Marriage of Pittsylvania County.  Alexander Jefferson married  Elilzabeth Smith on February 15, 1808 and on April 20, 1829 Alexander Jefferson married Polly Mahan
1850 census  Alexander Jefferson age 70 and Polly 56.  son William 16
1850 slave schedule for Pittsylvania County for Alexander Jefferson
Pittsylvania County deaths for 1854 showing Arabella that died being the daughter of Alexander and Mary Jefferson
William and Mary Quarterly Vol II page 159  The Jefferson Family of Pittsylvania County

7th generation
Peter Field Jefferson that was married to Elizabeth Allen

History of Pittsylvania County by Maud Clement
William and Mary Quarterly 22W(1) page 194-196
Marriage records of Cumberland County, Virginia
18th century Virginia Newspapers  Elizabeth Jefferson relict of Peter F. Jefferson  names son Alexander Jefferson.

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