Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace

Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace
This house and property belonged to John Ward, Jr At his death he willed the property to his nephew William Ward

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December 7, 2010 Grave Matters Lynch Cemetery

Yesterday, I included the grave markers for Anselm Lynch and Susannah Miller Lynch.  Anselm Lynch was one of the son's of Charles and Anna Terrell Lynch.  There are no other markers in the Lynch cemetery for the children of Charles and Anna Terrell Lynch.  Below I have attached photos of the markers for the children of Anselm and Susannah Lynch:

Charles Henry Lynch son of Anselm Lynch and Susan Miller Lynch
Born:  November 3, 1800 died March 24, 1875
Charles Henry Lynch never married.  He inherited property in and near Lynchburg from his cousin William B. Lynch and his home was called "Lynch's Creek".  During the Civil War his home was filled with refugees.  Judge Robert Montague and his family fled Tidewater Virginia during the Civil War and lived at Charles Lynch's home.  During that time Judge Montague's son Andrew Jackson Montague was born.  Andrew Jackson Montague would later become the 44th Governor of Virginia.  After the Civil War, Charles H. Lynch sold Lynch's Creek and moved back to Avoca.
Charles H. Lynch was a prominent citizen and Democrat.
The following is some of his contributions during his lifetime:
Member of State Convention 1850/1851
State Senate  1859-1865
One of the Directors of the Virginia and Tennessee Railroad in 1850.

Mary Anna Lynch Dearing Daughter of Aslem and Susan Miller Lynch
wife of Col. James Griffin Dearing
Born:  June 23, 1802   Died:  February 2, 1892
Ms. Dearing was devoted to reading and was educated at Mr. Reid's school in Lynchburg, Virginia.  She lived at Otterbourne which was only two miles from Avoca.

John Pleasant Lynch  Son of Anselm and Susan Miller Lynch
Born December 25, 1804  Died December 31, 1865
He fell from his horse on December 25 which caused his death six days later.  John P. Lynch was reported to be witty and gifted, but sadly dissipated.   He never married.

Sarah Miller Lynch Daughter of Anselm and Susan Miller Lynch
Born:  January 17, 1806  Died:  June 18, 1866
Poor Sarah suffered from back injuries sustained in infancy when she fell from her nurse's arms.  She was also said to have been an epileptic.  She never married.

Susan Lynch  Daughter of Anselm and Susan Miller Lynch
Born:  May 8, 1808  Died:  October 3, 1837
She is said to have died from a fever that was brought on by a bee sting under her foot.  She went to school at Salem, NC.
I found this excerpt in the book Sketches and Recollections of Lynchburg  page 16.

She was a young lady of great worth and excellence, and a few lines extracted from a notice which appeared at the time of her decease will show the estimation in which she was held:
"To a close and vigorous intellect the deceased added an imagination sprightly and chaste.  Her heart was benevolent, kind, generous and pure.  Her frank and engaging manners, and great goodness of heart, warmed acquaintances into friends and made her an acknowledged favorite with all who knew her.  She was a bright and happy illustration of most that is attractive, interesting or useful in the female character.  Her family have sustained in her death, a loss most deeply irreparable.  It was in her intercourse with them, that her cheerfulness, good temper, tenderness, thoughtful kindness and affection, gave touching sweetness to her character, and created for her a love which few can inspire, and none who has felt it can forget."

These are the children of Anselm Lynch and Susan Miller Lynch.

The above recollections and stories were taken from the books Richmond, William and Timothy Terrell: Colonial Virginians and Sketches and Recollections of Lynchburg.

Sketches And Recollections Of Lynchburg
Sketches and Recollections of Lynchburg by the Oldest Inhabitant

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