Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace

Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace
This house and property belonged to John Ward, Jr At his death he willed the property to his nephew William Ward

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Robert Adams October 20,2010

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Robert Adams  October 20, 2010. 
The Genesis of the United States
Volume 2 page 639
Mem.- The Elizabeth, Captain Adams, left Virginia about June 28, 1613, and arrived in England about July 20, 1613, bringing the following documents:  Dale to Sr. Thomas Smith, Argall to Hawes, Molina to Velasco and probably other documents now lost.
The ship brought the first news from Virginia which had reached England since about September, 1612, “which put some life into that action, that before was almost at the last east.”  She also, probably, brought to England Rolfe’s crop of Tobacco of 1612; which is said to have been the first crop cultivated by an Englishman in America, and the first third of “the amber-greece” from the Bermudas.
Page 653
Excerpt from a copy of a holographic letter from Don Diego De Molina to Don Alonso de Velasco, dated Virginia, July 8, 1613. Don Diego De Molina was a  prisoner in Virginia.
General archives of Simancas, Department of State, Volume 2590  Folio 241
They are certainly courteous and kindly disposed, Captain Adams, who sails in this vessel and it is understood will soon returne in it, I have asked to speak with you about my business, primary and secondary, about food and wearing apparel, because with that, they say, troubles are less.  He will carry everything you may give him, for so he has promised me,……….
Page 663
Mem-  On the 14th of October, 1613, the Elizabeth, Captain Adams, sailed from England to Virginia via the Bermudas taking potatoes to the island and silkworms to Virginia.
Also on page 689 Mem __ The Elizabeth, Captain Adams which sailed from England October 14, 1613, taking the first potatoes to the Bermudas, reached Virginia, bringing silkworms, etc, in the winter of 1613-14.  She sailed from Virginia in March following, having on board Sir. Thomas Gates, the Sieur de la Motte, etc.
Page 812
Captain Adams   Made a voyage to Virginia, June to November, 1609; a second voyage April to September, 1610; a third, December, 1610, to July, 1611; a fourth, December, 1612 to July, 1613; and a fifth, October 1613, to April 1614.  We ought to know more of him than we do, as he made so many of the early voyages.  He was evidently a noted and well known seaman in his own day, and this fact makes it the more difficult to identify him, as he is always spoken of simply as  “Captain Adams;” his first name is not given in the Virginia records.  It is probable, however, that he is the Captain Robert Adams who entered the service of the East India Company in 1616 and made several voyages to the East Indies.
So what have I learned about Captain Robert Adams from the publication Genesis of America.
He was a well known Captain of the Virginia Company.  He was the Captain of The Blessing, The Hercules and the Elizabeth in which he made voyages to Virginia and to the Bermudas.  He was well acquainted with many of the founders and leaders of Jamestown, Virginia.  He joined the East India Company in 1616.  So far I have not found a record of any of his ships being damaged at sea so he must have been a fine seaman. 

I have found more information which I will report tomorrow.

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