Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace

Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace
This house and property belonged to John Ward, Jr At his death he willed the property to his nephew William Ward

Friday, July 9, 2010

July 9, 2010

Attached are abstracts which I found at the Nashville Archives this week.  Hope this is helpful.

Amelia County, Va. Court Order Book 2
1746 -1751
Abstracted and Compiled by Gibson Jefferson McCannaughey   page 87
P.88-B  Court Held May 5, 1748  for trial of Sampson, Negro man slave belonging to Richard Woodson, accused of stealing a horse belonging to Walter Chiles.
P.89-A  Present Edward Booker, Richard Booker, John Nash, Thomas Tabb, Joseph Scott, Samuel Tarry &William Clement, Gent. Justices
(There are two pages of detailed information regarding the swearing in, etc. of the justices for this trial) (p.89-A) Clement Read, the King’s Attorney, gave the Court to understand that Sampson, a Negro man slave belonging to Richard Woodson of Amelia Co. entered the stable of Walter Chiles, Gent. “With force and arms” and stole one stone horse of the value of 20 pounds belonging to said Chiles.  Sampson plead not guilty and wanted a trial.  Thomas Nash, David Flournoy, Walter Chiles, Frank a Negro man belonging to John Nash, gent, and Pompey, a Negro man belonging to John Martin, witnesses, were examined, and Sampson was fully heard in his own defense.  Court ruled he was not guilty in such a manner as to take his life, but the Sheriff was to take him to the public whipping post and and lay 39 lashes on his bare back, and then deliver him to his master.

Will Book 1
Amelia County, Virginia
Wills 1735 – 1761
Bonds 1735 – 1754
Abstracted and Compiled by Gibson Jefferson McConnaughey
Page 13 of Abstract Book
40.  Chiles, Henry. D. June 27, 1746, p. Mar. 20, 1746 (sic). Wit. John Bostick, James Walker, William Chambers. Ex. Wife Ann Chiles, son Paul Chiles. Leg:lend wife Anne Childs(sic) 739 acres with plantation where I now dwell for her natural life; son Paul Chiles 400 acres in Albemarle Co., Va.  It being land and plantation where he now dwells; son Paul Childs (sic) 370 acres in Amelia Co. against where he now dwells, and 370 acres in Amelia Co. against where he now lives after my wife’s decease; son Henry Childs 340 acres in Albemarle (Note: think this should be Amelia Co., as Appomattox River is not in Albemarle Co.) lying on Appomattox River know by name of Hoopers low ground; son Henry Childs 448 acres in Amelia Co. lying on Appomattox River opposite the forementioned land known as the Island; son John Chiles 300 acres of land in Albemarle Co. (Note Amelia Co.?) on Appomattox River against my dwelling house; son John Chiles 369 acres and plantation where I now dwell after my wife’s decease; dau. Anna Chiles 250 acres which I purchase of Charles Hill N/S Staunton River which sd. 250 were cavited by John Twitty and he obtained an order of council for same, and Hill and Twitty assigned order to me in the Secretary’s office that a patent might issue out to me in my name; dau. Susanah Chiles 204 acres which I purchased of Isaac Allin in Lunenburg Co., S/S  StantonRiver, and one survey of land joining to lower end of aforesaid land to her; dau. Elisabeth Chiles 104 acres I purchased of William Echols, and one survey joining to it lying in Lunenburg Co., Va. S/S Staunton river; 265 acres on Holloday’s River in Albemarle Co., Va. And 300 acres N/S Stanton River in Lunenburg to be sold at discretion of my Ex. made over to me by Charles Hill; after just debts paid, remainder  of estate be equally div. between my wife and children to wit: Ann Chiles, Henry Chiles, John Chiles, Anna Chiles, Susannah Chiles, Elisabeth Chiles.  Slaves:  Negro woman Jeney, woman Sarah, boy Will, girl Weargrate, girl Bess, woman Lucy, woman Patty.

Page 14  
53. Henry Childs. Est. I&A r. May 19, 1749. Appr. Joel Watkins, Joseph Morton, James Walker. Ex. Anne Chiles.  Slaves: man Jack, man Daniel, women Tamer and Phillis. Value 258/5/9
Page 62
26. 1,000 pounds. Ann Chiles, Ex. for Henry Chiles, dec’d., with John Bostick and Wiliam Chamber; sec. March 20, 1746.

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