Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace

Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace
This house and property belonged to John Ward, Jr At his death he willed the property to his nephew William Ward

Friday, February 4, 2011

February 4, 2011 John Lynch Adams 1779-1849

Sources for John Lynch Adams:

Richmond, William and Timothy Terrell; Colonial Virginians  page 166
Children of Robert and Mary Terrell Adams

John Lynch Adams, born December 13, 1779; died October 19, 1849; married December 25, 1803, to Martha Walden, daughter of Charles and Elizabeth M. Wall Walden; she was born December 25, 1786; died April 5, 1875.  She was the granddaughter of Richard and Candace Hubbard Walden.

page 35
Issue of Maj. John Lynch and Martha Walden Adams

  • Charles Walden Adams, b. October 2, 1804; d. Jan. 31, 1871, never married
  • Robert Lynch Adams, b. April 22, 1806; m. Glycerian Swazey and 2nd, Eliza Bridgeforth, 
  • Elizabeth Mumford Adams, b. November 9, 1807; m. November 9, 1835 to William Walker Ward, son of John and Tabitha Walden Ward.
  • Joel Terrell Adams, b. August 9, 1809; m. March 1838 to Susan Clay daughter of Marston and Sally Dearing Clay. He died July, 1862.
  • Christopher James Adams, b. November 22, 1811; m. Rosann Watson of Mississippi; he died August, 1888.
  • Wilmoth Walden Adams, b. October 13, 1813; m. December 1840 to Addison Whitfield Ward, son of John and Tabitha Ward.
  • George Edward Adams, b. October 25, 1815, m. Mary Swazey; died. 1842
  • John William Adams, b. September 28, 1817; m. Mrs. Lucy Shackleford nee Gilmer; He died September, 1895
  • Samuel Hubbard Adams, b. March 5, 1820; m. Fanny Gilmer, died 1896.
  • Mary Lewis Adams, born April 30, 1825; m. December 1866 to John Weatherford
  • Thomas Jefferson Adams, b. March 5, 1824; died 1849.  never married
  • Fleming Wall Adams, born November 19, 1828; died March 13, 1871.  never married
  • Martha Dianitia Adams, born January 29, 1832; m. Married Mar. 10, 1863 to John Lewis Vaughn, son of Henry and  ___ McMannus Vaughn.
Note from me:  Well that was a Baker's dozen.  The poor women had thirteen children in the space of 29 years and she lived until 1875.  She was truly a hardy woman.  And I don't mean to be nasty about names, but Robert married Glycerian Swazy.  Where in the world did that name come from?  I bet that would be easy to research.

Extra notes on the children of John Lynch Adams found at Jones Memorial Library  Lynchburg, Virginia

Robert Lynch Adams died in the fall of 1883.  Lived in Yazoo County, Mississippi.  served in the Legislature.

Joel Terrell Adams went to California in 1848 and returned 1862-63.

Wilmoth Walden Adams died of the Typhoid fever.

George Edward Adams married Mary Swazy who was the sister of Glycerian.

Thomas Jefferson Adams died of cholera at Glasgow, Missouri, on his way to California.

Martha Dianitia Adams was called Patty.

U.S. Federal Census Mortality Schedules, 1850-1885 record for John L. Adams

John S. Adams died of typhoid fever 1849/1850.   I looked at Census and it looks like John L. Adams.

A Guide to Virginia Militia Units in the War of 1812 by Stuart Lee Butler

page 170
Pittsylvania County
Lt. John Adams
September 1-December 1, 1814 (4th Virginia militia - Greenhill)

page 251
4th Virginia Regiment September 1 - December 1, 1814
Lt. Col. William Greenshill
Lt. John Adams (Pittsylvania)
Capt. William Bailey (Halifax)
Capt. Grief Barksdale Riflemen (Charlotte)
Capt. Smith Lawson (Halifax)
Capt. Isaac Medley (Halifax)
Capt. John P. Richardson Artillery (Charlotte)
Capt. Nathaniel Terry  (Pittsylvania County)

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