Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace

Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace
This house and property belonged to John Ward, Jr At his death he willed the property to his nephew William Ward

Thursday, February 24, 2011

February 24, 2011 The Dalton Family

Okay, I am going to back it up a little bit.  We are still at home looking at the census records at  Let's get all the information off this resource before we go stumbling around the courthouse.

I did not find an marriage license for Rose Dove and Albert Lee Dalton, but it could be there, but spelled incorrectly.

I found an 1870 census Subdivision North of Dan River  Census Taken  August 30, 1870
Jarret Dalton  Husband  Farmer  27
Lucy Dalton    Wife                    22
Albert L.   son  two years old
Lelia D.  3 1/2 years old
And a Nurse by the name of Sarah Stone living in the house.  Her age was 12.

Well this is paydirt.  This has to be Albert L and his family.  So this is good.
I found a 1880 census  taken on June 5, 1880   Pigg River District
Jarrett T. Dalton  36
Lucy W. - 31
Albert L - 12
Lelia T -10
Queen E-  8
David M. - 6
Asalem T - 4
William M - 1

Found that Albert Lee was attending school and they were living near the Bobitts.
I couldn't find them in the 1890 census.  According to the Federal Census for Virginia was burned in a Warehouse fire.
Twenty years have now transpired and in the1900 Census, I now find Albert  at the age of 33 in the Pigg River Magisterial District, Pittsylvania County.  He is married to Rosie L. age 26 and they have three children - Charley M., 4; Cornelia V. 3; and Ocie B.   6 months old. He gives his date of birth as January, 1867.

In the 1910 Census, Albert L. Dalton is still living in the Pigg River Magisterial District, with his wife Rosie L.
Their children are:
Charlie M. 14; Cornelia V. 12; Ocie B. 10; Fannie W. 8; Evie G. 7; Susan A. 5, Irie L. 3 and Lester T. 1 7/12 months
This census asked how long they were married.  They state 15 years.
They also ask how many children have they had and how many survived.  They have eight children and eight children are still living.
Rosie and Albert both can read and write.
Eliza Walker is living with them as a servant.  She previously was living with Rose Dove's family as a servant and nurse.
In the 1920 census, Albert L. is now 52 and his wife is Lucy E.  age 29.
His children are Ocie B. 20; Fannie W. 18; Evie G. 17;, Susan 15; Irie L. 13; Lester T.  11; ; Eldredge M. 9; Ethel M. 7; Alice G. 4; Martha W. 2.

In the 1930 census, the census has him listed as A. Lee Dalton age 62.  He is still married to Lucy E. and they have the following children:
Alice G; Martha L; Swanee W; Virginia A; and Floyd G.
Listed right below A. Lee Dalton and Lucy in the next residence is Ira Lee Dalton and Velma Dalton, husband and wife.  And we know that Ira Lee is A. Lee's son from the previous census and Ira's birth certificate.
And in the next residence is listed Lelia Dove, who was the step-mother of Rose Dove Dalton, the first wife of Albert Lee Dalton.  Lelia Dove is listed living with Morgan Brumfield.  She says that she is his mother-in-law.

So we have spanned a total of sixty years for Albert Lee Dalton.  By his tombstone, you will see that he died in 1942.  As of yet, I do not see anything for Virginia in the 1940 census in

I have now obtained a vast amount of information:
Albert Lee Dalton:  Born 1867/68   However, I know that he was born 1868 by his tombstone.
He was the son of Jarret/Jarrett T. Dalton of Pittsylvania County, Virginia
and Lucy Dalton.
He had at least five brothers and sisters and in his youth he had nurse by the name of Sarah Stone living in their house.
He also attended school and they lived near the Bobbitts.  That may be important later on.
By the 1900, 1910, 1920 and 1930 census I found that:
He married Rosie L and there is no mention of her maiden name in the census records.  They are living in the Pigg River District.
Rosie and Albert have eight children.
In 1910 census they have a servant by the name of Eliza Walker living with them.  I have already worked on the Ward family genealogy.  Rose Dove was the daughter of Cornelia Ward and George Dove. Elliza Walker had been living with the Dove family previously as a nurse.

By the 1920 census, he is no longer married to Rosie L. and he is married to Lucy E.  Two of Albert's children have already left home( Charlie and Cornelia).  A. Lee Dalton has three more children by Lucy E. and by 1930, he has four more children and all the children from his previous marriage has left the homeplace.  We see Ira living beside them with his wife, Velma Brumfield.

All of these census records can be used as proof, but it would be nice to have a little bit more.

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