Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace

Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace
This house and property belonged to John Ward, Jr At his death he willed the property to his nephew William Ward

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Robert Adams 1680 to 1740 November 11, 2010

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The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography  Volume 35 page 409

At the Council held at the Capitol the 6th Day of May 1730
Present:  The Governor, Robert Carter, James Blair, Mann Page, John Carter and John Grymes Esqrs.
Petition For New Lands Granted:
To Robert Adams 2000 acres on Buck Island Creek on the South side of the North ffork of James River beginning at a white oak Marked R.A. on the side of the said Creek to compleat the Quantity.

Albemarle County, Virginia Road Orders, 1725-1816 Virginia Genealogical Society page 10

On 19, June 1733, O.S. there issued an order for a road to be cleared from "the Mountains down the ridge between the North River (Rivanna) and Pamunkey River (the South Anna is the southern fork of the Pamunkey) the most convenient way....." The "Mountains" referred to were the Southwest Mountain, Little Mountain or Chestnut Mountain as it was sometimes called.  In the fall, on November 20, Henry Runnals replaced the original surveyor Robert Adams, though the road is misdescribed as "The Road from the Mountains down the country on the North side of the Northanna to meet Saunders's Road."

Goochland County Order Books 1728-1731  Ann K. Blomquist

November Court, 1728  page 31
Robert Adams is sworn in as a member of the Grand Jury.

Page 36
Adams deed to Sorrell.  Robert Adams acknowledges a deed with the livery of Seizin endorsed from himself to John Sorrell to be his Act and deed and it is thereupon submitted to record.  Mourning wife of the said Robert being first privately examined relinquishes her Dower in the land by the said Deed conveyed which is also ordered to be recorded.

Goochland County Virginia Wills and Deeds 1728 - 1736 Benjamin B. Weisiger III page 5

P.40 Deed November 16, 1728  Robert Adams to John Sorrell. for 10 pounds, 100 acres, bounded by upper fork of Broad Branch on Tuckahoe Creek with all houses, etc.
Witness:  George Payne, Joseph Ashlin
Recorded November 19, 1728
Mourning, wife of Robert Adams, relinquished her dower rights.

Goochland County Order Books 1728-1731  Ann K. Blomquist  page 36
November Court, 1728

Adams deed to Johnson.  Robert Adams and Mourning his wife She being first privately examined acknowledge a deed from themselves to Charles Johnson to be their act and deed and the same with the Livery of Seizin endorsed which they also acknowledge is admitted to record.

Goochland County Virginia Wills and Deeds 1728 - 1736 Benjamin B. Weisiger III page 5

Page 41  Deed 7 Aug. 1728, Robert Adams of St. James Parish, Goochland Co. to Charles Johnson of same, for L13/10, 160 acres in Goochland Co. on north side of James River bounded by Broad Br.
Witness: Geo. Payne, Joseph Ashlin
Recorded November 19, 1728
Mourning Adams, wife of Robert, acknowledged deed.

page 6

p. 58 February 25, 1728  Deed between Nowel Burton and John Sutton Farrar for L. 120, 325 acres in St. James Parish bounded by Josiah Paine, Robert Burton, Robert Adams, John Bellamy, Col. Harrison and John Woodson.
Witness John Woods, Wm. Womack, Francis James, Henry Wood
Roecord March 18, 1728


Goochland County Order Books 1728-1731  Ann K. Blomquist  page 41
November Court, 1728

Mcdaniels Admn. grant'd   Thomas Randolph comes into Court and makes oath that Henry Macdaniel died without any will as far as he knows or believes and upon his giving Security for his just and faithfull Administration of the said Deceadents estate Certiicate is granted him for obtaining Letters of Administration in due form.  John Fleming and John Woodson Securities.  Ordered that Robert Adams, George Paine, Robert Burton, and Robert Woodson or any three of them being first Sworn by some Justice of the Peace do appraise the Estate of Henry Macdaniel.

From the above referenced material for the year 1728 and 1730, I have found the following:
Robert Adams was married to Mourning.
He was a member of the Grand Jury at Goochland County.
He was a surveryor.
He owned land in Goochland and a part of which would later be Albemarle County.  He was referenced as being in St. James Parish, Goochland County.
A portion of his land bounded with the land of Josiah Paine, Robert Burton, John Bellamy, Col. Harrison and John Woodson making them neighbors and acquaintances.
In at least more than one occasion Robert Adams interacted with the Woodson on matters at court.  I am making my case for Mourning being a Woodson.
There seems to be more than a passing relationship with George Paine and John Ashlin.
It's amazing what you can learn from just a few references, but the genealogist has to remember that these were not large cities with hundreds of thousands of people.  They all knew each other or about each other.
Tomorrow I will continue with 1729.


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