Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace

Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace
This house and property belonged to John Ward, Jr At his death he willed the property to his nephew William Ward

Thursday, January 19, 2012

More Dividing Line

Well I have just finished reading the Dividing Line by William Berkley.  I suggest this book for anyone that is interesting in American History in the 18th century.  It is wonderful book of descriptions of the area of about 200 miles between North Carolina and Virginia.  There are stories about the people that live in the area, the animals and foliage.  It's just a wonderful book.

When I left you yesterday I said that they had ended their journey at Col. Henry Harrison's house, but I meant that they had stopped there and so had I for the day.  They left Col. Henry Harrison's house and traveled to Mr. Kinchins.  Later in their journey they crossed Fountain Creek which runs into the Meherrin River named after an Indian Trader that drowned in it.  Nearby was the Plantation of John Hill.  Southside of the Roanoke River was one of the plantations of Col. Mumford.

After living Col. Mumford's plantation they met no human being for miles.   After many miles they met no Indians on their travels, but they killed bears, deer, turkey and snakes. At their journey's end they had traveled 241 miles and they turned back so they could arrive home before winter arrived.  After traveling many days they passed the Roanoke River at Monisep Ford where they found the plantation of Cornelius Keith.  They left his plantation and moved on to Colonel Mumford's other plantation which was in the care of Miles Riley.  While at this plantation they took their leave of their Indian Hunter Mr. Bearskin.  Traveling back home they stopped at the plantation of George Hix on the Southside of the Meherrin River.  Past the Meherrin River and two miles past the Wicc-quoi creek they arrived at the plantation of Capt. Embry.  Leaving the home of Captain Embry they traveled thirty more miles crossing the Nottoway River which separates the counties of Prince George and Brunswick. They arrived at the home of Col. Bolling that is near the Falls of the Appamatuck River.   After leaving Col. Bolling's house hey traveled to their last destination Colonel Mumford's home.  Here the weary travelers disbanded.,

Commissioners from North Carolina were:  Edward Moseley, Will Little, C. Gale and J. Lovick
Commissioners from Virginia were:  William Byrd, Richard FitzWilliam, William Dandridge
Surveyors from Virginia:  Alexander Irvin and William Mayo
Surveyors from North Carolina:  Edward Moseley and Samuel Swan
Chaplain:  Reverend Peter Fountain
Men Employed for the lst half of the Expedition were:
Peter Jones
Thomas Jones
Thomas Short
Robert Hix
John Evans
Stephen Evans
John Ellis
John Ellis Jr
Thomas Wilson
George Tilmon
Charles Kimbal
George Hamilton
Robert Allan
Thomas Jones Jr
James Petillo
Richard Smith
John Rice

2nd Expedition
All the men above except for John Rice.
and the following:
Abraham Jones
Edward Powell
William Pool
William Calvert
James Whitlock
Thomas Page

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