Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace

Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace
This house and property belonged to John Ward, Jr At his death he willed the property to his nephew William Ward

Monday, January 16, 2012

Brumfield family and more dividing line

1900 census for John and Liza C Brumfield
John  40 years old
Liza   33
Lizzie M  14
James M 10
Millie A  8
Carry E  5
Naum S  2
Pittsylvania County, Virginia  Pigg River
They were married in 1883
Liza was born in Virginia, but John was born in Ohio.  His parents were born in Virginia.

1910 census for John and Liza C Brumfield
John 50
Liza 42
Annie 17
Carrie L 14
Landy 11
Albert C  9
Dewey  7
Ollie R  4
Oscar  2

1920 census for John and Liza C Brumfield
John 69
Eliza K  52
Clide   19
Doug W  16
Ollie R  14
Oscar 12
Odell 8
Velma O 6

1930 census
John  69
Eliza  62,
Dorine  granddaughter  15
Curtis  grandson 14

Grandmama's Daddy John Foreman Brumfield married his wife Eliza Dalton in 1883 in Virginia.  According to the census he was born around 1860 in Ohio.  My grandmother told us that his parents had traveled on a covered wagon to Ohio, but didn't like it there so they moved back to Virginia.

During the twentieth century John Brumfield lived in Pittsylvania County, Virginia with his wife Eliza Dalton.  To my knowledge they lived just a few miles from the Daltons and the Wards near Old Woman's Creek.  I have never been to the house, but it is still standing and I could see it when I went to the Dalton Cemetery which is located between Brights and Old Woman's Creek.  According to the 1900 census the next residence after John Brumfields was Henry Wards and also Jarratt Dalton lived in the area also.  Velma Brumfield is not born yet but these people were her husband's family.
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The census can be very helpful, but it can also be confusing.  For instance, the 1900 census had their first child as Lizzie Mc, a daughter.  Now, I don't know what the census taker was trying to write, but it should be a son.  This is Mack.  Their first born.

They had eleven children.
Mack, James Morgan, Mildred Annie, Carrie, Lundy, Albert Clyde, Dewey Winchester, Ollie R. (Doc), Oscar, Odell and Velma.

My information for the above came from, Billy Brumfield and Atha Bailey.


When we left William Byrd and his frontiersmen they were slogging through swamp being attacked by huge mosquitoes.  By page 29, they were in Princess Anne County.  They stopped at the Plantation of John Heath while in Princess Anne County.  Many of the people that lived in the nearby areas came down to see them and marvelled that they were going through the Dismal Swamp.  It was such a awful job that some of them had to be convinced that they were not criminals because who would do this job willingly.  They also passed through a Mr.Merchant's Plantation and Mr.Ballanc near NW river.
Other residents that they met on their journey were William Wilkins that lived on the dividing line near the great Dismal Swamp, Timothy Ivy's plantation which was eighteen miles into their rtip.  At the Nansimond River the group stopped at the plantation of Mr. Andrew Mead and eight miles beyond the cypress swamp at the waters of Coropeak was the plantation of Mr. Thomas Spight.

John Heath - Princess Anne County Plantation
Mr. Merchant and Mr. Ballanc near NW river
William Wilkins  at the dividing line near the great Dismal Swamp
Timothy Ivy plantation eighteen miles into the journey
Andrew Mead   Nansimond River
Thomas Spight at the waters of Coropeak

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