Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace

Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace
This house and property belonged to John Ward, Jr At his death he willed the property to his nephew William Ward

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Peter Field Jefferson 1735 - 1794

More Sources:
Early Settlers of Mecklenburg County, Virginia  Compiled by Katherine B. Elliott
page 88,89
Deed Book 1, page 89  Dated December 18, 1764  Recorded:  July 8, 1765
Feild Jefferson and Peter Feild Jefferson to George Jefferson  all of St. James Parish, Lunenburg County
consideration.  250 pounds
being 40 acres given to Peter Field by his father on September 28, 1762 and 4 acres reserved by Feild Jefferson at the Ferry Landing.  Adjoining Huchins Burton.
John Jefferson         Signed and Sealed Feild Jefferson and Peter Feild Jefferson
Thos. Jefferson
Robert Lark

Deed Book 1 page 93   Dated December 16, 1764   Recorded:  July 8, 1765
Peter Feild Jefferson to George Jefferson
consideration:  100 pounds
20 acres on north side of Roanoke River, being part of land given to Peter Feild by his father by deed dated September 28, 1762.
Witnesses:                             Signed and Sealed:
William Wrenn                       Peter Feild Jefferson
John Jefferson
Robert Lark

William and Mary Quarterly 23W(1)  181-182
In May, 1774, George Jefferson, of Lunenburg, sells to Peter Field Jefferson, of Mecklenburg, for 120 pounds, 409 acres on Turkey Cock Creek, Pittsylvania County.
For 60 pounds 321 acres on Sailor's Creek, Pittsylvania County
For 500 pounds 1005 acres on Turkey Cock Creek, Pittsylvania County, Virginia.
Again in 1776, he sells him 140 acres in Pittsylvania County.  Peter Field Jefferson must have soon after this removed to Pittsylvania County to live, for in 1779 we find him selling 380 acres for 350 pounds to Elisha Walker, and in the deed giving his place of residence as Pittsylvania County.

The Old Free State  Landon Covington Bell
No will of Peterfield Jefferson has been discovered, but his children are shown by the will of his wife, made in 1828, and recorded in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.
They had issue:
Field Jefferson
John Jefferson
Samuel Allen Jefferson:  born March 24, 1776 died March 23, 1855
Alexander Jefferson who married Elizabeth Smith (Marriage bond datd February 20, 1808)  Alexander Jefferson was the grandfather of David Alexander Jefferson of Chatham, Virginia.
Archer Jefferson (deceased at date of will 1828.)
Thomas Jefferson died January 14, 1814, who married Elizabeth Ball (marriage bond dated February 27, 1806)  She died December 27, 1857.  She was a daughter of John and Mary Ball.
Patsy Jefferson who married Brewer
Judith Jefferson

First Census of the United States Pittsylvania County 1790
 Peter Field Jefferson
13 white souls
1 dwelling
9 other building

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