Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace

Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace
This house and property belonged to John Ward, Jr At his death he willed the property to his nephew William Ward

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Other Jefferson Family

We have established the first Thomas Jefferson was living in Henrico County, Virginia between the years 1670 to 1697.  During that time he married Mary Branch and had three children:  Thomas, Mary and Martha.  His son Thomas stayed in Henrico County now Osbornes, Chesterfield County.  He was born in 1679 and  died on February 18, 1731.  He married Mary Field and they had seven children: Thomas, Peter, Field, Judith, Martha, Mary and Alice.  Now we know that Peter was the father of Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States and there have been numerous articles and books written about Thomas Jefferson, III, but at this point we will be breaking away from that branch of the family and following the Field Jefferson Family.  But before we do that it is my goal to report as much as I can find out in facts about the first two Thomas Jeffersons.

Thomas Jefferson
1653 to 1697
married Mary Branch
1660 to 1700
Henrico County

Children born of the Marriage 

Thomas Jefferson 
1679 to February 18, 1731
Mary Jefferson
Martha Jefferson
All born in the area of Osbornes, Chesterfield County, Virginia

While searching for information on Thomas Jefferson I and II I found the following:

The Edward Pleasants Valentine Papers Abstracts of Records in the Local and General Archives of Virginia 
  • Volume 3 page 1774

Thomas Jefferson was stated as a surveyor of the highways.  Richard Womack, John Womack presented among other by Thomas Jefferson surveyor of the highways for refusing to assist him in cleasring same (after notice given)  February 1, 1683.

This is probably Thomas Jefferson I.

  • Volume 3  page 1780    (I have typed it here as written)

In obedience to his Excys. Comand of the third of this Instant Aprill Requiring us to give account whether all or any of the Inhabitants of the Coty. are fearfull or apprehensive of the Indian Commonly called the Emperor of Piscatoway or Architekes and his Indians doing any mischief & c. the following orders were made.  Edward Tanner constable do give notice to all the principall inhabitants & others within his precinct, especially to Capt. Jos. Royall, Ab. Womeck, Francis Patram, Hen. Lound, Hen Hatcher, Thos. Osborne, Thos. Edwards, Thos. Jefferson &Edward Haskins to appear at ye Court house upon Friday next being 21st instant, that farther inquiry may be made &c.  April 15, 1699. Ibid page 225.

At or around 1697 the Piscatoway Indians who were located in Maryland started to migrate to the mountains of Virginia due to pressures and accusations by colonist.

  • Volume 2 page 857

Henrico April Court:  1712
Thomas Jefferson appointed to survey roads.  Mr. Thomas Jefferson to survey from his own house to Falling Creek and to Parishes Plantation.

  • Volume 3  page 1797

September 7, 1725
George Carter to Thomas Jefferson for 15 pounds 250 acres in Henrico County called Wintopock.   This land was devised to George Carter by Richard Womack, deceased.

These last three references I believe should be contributed to Thomas Jefferson II. 

The Annals and History of Henrico Parish Diocese of Virginia and St. John's Church P.E. Church 

page 227
marriage records
Thomas Jefferson to Mary Field daughter of Major Peter Field     November 20, 1697

Joseph Mattox of Charles City County to Mary Jefferson, Relict of Thomas Jefferson  April 1, 1702.

Relict means widow or survivor.  So this should be Thomas Jefferson's I wife Mary Branch.

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