Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace

Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace
This house and property belonged to John Ward, Jr At his death he willed the property to his nephew William Ward

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Field Jefferson March 6, 1702 to February 10, 1765

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Field Jefferson was the third child of Thomas Jefferson II.  He was born at Henrico County, but at the time of his father's death he was not living on the Plantation.

Yesterday I researched Field Jefferson at the Tennessee State Archives.  For the next few days I will be posting information I found at the Archives.  After I have posted all my findings which will take another day's work at the archives, I will compile everything to see what we have found out.

Tyler's Quarterly Volume 7 Series 1  July 1925  page  49 and 50, 51 and 52

4.  Field Jefferson (Thomas 1, Thomas 2) moved from Chesterfield County to Lunenburg County, and resided in that part afterwards known as Mecklenburg County.  In October 1764, the General Assembly made a county of each of the parishes of Lunenberg.  Cornwall parish was made into Charlotte County, St. James Parish into Mecklenburg, and Cumberland into Lunenberg.  He married Mary (her family name has not yet been found), and his will is preserved in the Clerk's Office of Mecklenburg County.  It is dated June 8, 1762, and was proved June 10, 1765.  He describes himself in it as of "Lunenberg County" and names sons Thomas, Peterfield, George and John, daughters Mary Nicholls, Judith and Phebe, grandchildren Mary Dabney, Susanna and William Nicholls, and god-daughter Mary Burton.  To his son Peterfield he gave his residence in Mecklenburg.
There are also a number of deeds recorded in Lunenburg 1762 from Field Jefferson to his sons George, John and Peterfield, and to his grandson Field Jeffeson, son of Peterfield.
Issue: 25 Thomas 26 Peterfield 27 George 28 John, 29 Mary, maried Nicholls, and had Susanna and William, 30 Judith 31 Phobe.

26 PeterFeild Jefferson (Feild3, Thomas2, Thomas1) lived in Mecklenburg County, but there is a marriage bond in the Clerk's Office of Cumberland County, dated May 29, 1762, showing his marriage with Elizabeth Allen, and there is a letter there of Samuel Allen, consenting to the marriage of his daughter Elizabeth to Peterfeild Jefferson (William and Mary College Quaterly, XX page 23; XXII page 196).

George Jefferson, his brother, patented considerable tracts of land in Pittsylvania County, and in 1774 and 1776 he sold to Peterfeild Jefferson several of these dividends.  Peterfeild must soon have removed to that County, for in 1779, giving his residence as in Pittsylvania, he sold to Elisha Walker 380 acres of land there for 350 pounds.  (William and Mary College Quarterly XXIII, 181, 182)

There is no will of Peterfeild Jefferson recorded in Pittsylvania, but there is one of his wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Jefferson, dated in 1828.  According to this will Peterfeild Jefferson had issue 32 Feild, 33 John, 34 Samuel Allen, 35 Alexander, married Elizabeth Smith (marriage bond February 20, 1808, 36 Archer, deceased at date of will, 37 Thomas Jefferson, deceased at date of will, married Elizabeth Ball (marriage bond February 27, 1806), 38 Patsy, who married Brewer, and 39 Judith.

Pages 119 and 120

Some information contributed by Fanny Jefferson from the Thomas (2) Jefferson Family Bible.
Field Jefferson born March 16, 1702, married Mary Frances Robertson and died February 10, 1765.  His wife died February 25, 1750 (F.B.) He settled in what is now Mecklenburg County, Virginia, near Clarksville, about where the River Dan and Staunton form the Roanoke, and his farm was called Occaneechee."

We are concerned here with Feild Jefferson's sons 26 Peterfeild and 28 John, otherwise John Robertson Jefferson.
26 Peterfeild Jefferson was born March 14, 1735, married May 30, 1762, Elizabeth, born December 7, 1739 daughter of Samuel Allen of Cumberland County, Virginia(F.B.)  He had seven children whose names are given on page 51.
Of these 35 Alexander Jefferson was grandfather of Mr. David Alexander Jefferson of Chatham, Virginia; 37 Thomas Jefferson married on February 21, 1806 Elizabeth Ball, daughter of John and Mary Ball.  He died January 14, 1814 and his wife died December 27, 1857.

I called Cumberland County Court House and they were very helpful.  Their suggestion is to write to them by e-mail.  Give them as much information that you have available.  They will look up your information to see if it is there.  They will write back to let you know if it is there or not and how many pages will need to be copied.  The copy charge is fifty cents a page.  Their address is Post Office Drawer 8  Cumberland, Virginia 23040.  To get their e-mail address just go to their website below and click on their names.
Jefferson The Virginian By Dumas Malone,_Virginia

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