Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace

Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace
This house and property belonged to John Ward, Jr At his death he willed the property to his nephew William Ward

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

August 17, 2010

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Today I researched several members of the Chiles family in the Nashville Archives.  Below I have attached the documentation I found there on Henry Chiles II

Virginia Magazine of History and Biography  Volume XIV  Page 227   To Henry Childs Two thousand Acres in Amelia County about two miles above the Mountains(footnote probably boundaries were at Campbell County)
To Michael Holland, Henry Chiles, Alex'r Tynson, James Walker and Joseph Walker ten thousand acres in Brunswick and Amelia Counties on the head of falling River to begin at the said Tynsons Camp.
To Henry Childs eighteen hundred Acres lying on Appamattock River in Goochland County about two miles above the Mountains already laid off in several surveys and to have an inclusive patent for the whole. Footnote: At this time Goochland also included counties of Fluvanna, Albemarle, Amherst, Campbell, Nelson, Buckingham, Powhatan and Cumberland.  The mountains referred to were probably the South West Mountain   in Albemarle.

The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography Volume XIX  page 437.
He lived in King William County and later Amelia County.
He married Anne, daughter of Paul Harrelson of St. Peter's Parish, New Kent county.
His will was recorded in Amelia County. Will dated June 27, 1746 recorded March 20, 1746(sic)  To his wife, Ann, he gave 739 acres for life (the homestead); to son, Paul, 400 acres in Albemarle on which Paul was living and 300 acres in Amelia-- over against where he now dwells.  To son, Henry, 340 acres in Appomattox county, called "Hoopers" and 448 acres in Amelia called "Island".  To son, John, 309 acres in Albemarle, on Appomattox River, over against my dwelling," and 369 acres of my homestead.  To daughter, Ann, 250 acres north side of Staunton River; daughter Elizabeth, 104 acres in Lunenburg county, south side of Staunton River; daughter, Susanna, 204 acres in Lunenberg county, south side of Staunton River.  (This can also be found in the William and Mary Quarterly XVI 287-288)

The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography Volume XXII  page 95
Early Settlers in Prince Edward Co. Va.
Henry Chiles  Date of Purchase  August 20, 1741     1,476 acres on the Appomattox River

 and page 315

Deed October 31, 1732, from Henry Chiles and Anne, his wife, of Hanover, to William Mills conveying 300 acres in Goochland County on Lickinghole Creek.

Deed Book 2 Amelia County Virginia  Deeds 1742-1747
Abstracted and compiled by Gibson Jefferson McConnaughey
page 20

Deed.  Henry Chiles to James Walker.  D. Nov. 16, 1744. Conideration: 5 shillings. Wit: John Ellis, Richard Winn and Charles Wetherford. 289 acres on Appomattox River, being part of a great tract pat. to Henry Chiles (no date given) and bounded in part by the river and said Henry Chiles land.

Amelia County, Virginia Tax Lists  1736-1764 by T.L. C. Genealogy
Henry Chiles:
Tax Year 1741  John Burton's list above Flat Creek between Appomattox River and Flat Creek
Tax Year 1744  Geo. Walker's list upper part of county (from Namoxine to Cellar Creek
Tax Year:   1745,1746,1748 Land in John Nash's List in the upper part of the county above Saylors Creek

So far we know that Henry was a large landowner.  His wife was Anne Harrelson of New Kent County.  They had 6 children.  Their names were Paul, Henry, John, Ann, Elizabeth and Susanna. He died on or about the year 1746,

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