Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace

Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace
This house and property belonged to John Ward, Jr At his death he willed the property to his nephew William Ward

Thursday, July 8, 2010

July 8, 2010

These are copied copies of Saint Peter's Parish of New Kent County with references to Henry Childes.  I hope this is helpful.

Saint Peter's Parish, New Kent County, Virginia
Transcribed for this web site by Anne Baker
HTML coding by Christine Wertin

Saint Peter's Parish, New Kent County, Virginia
Transcribed for this web site by Anne Baker
HTML coding by Christine Wertin

At a Vestry held for St. Peter's parish at the House of Capt. Joseph Foster.
Capt. Joseph Foster, Mr. Thomas Smith, Maj’r Nicho meriwether, Mr. James Moss, Mr. David Craford, Capt. John Lyddall, Mr. John Parks, Mr. John Parks, Ju’r, Vestrymen. 
Mr. Wm. Bassett, Mr. Henry Wyatt, Chu’r wardens.

In Compliance with an order of Court dated the 28 Januery last, it is ordered that the Clerke forthwith send out orders to the Severall Inhabitants of this parish to prosession their Lands.
Whereas, Mr. John Alford and Mr. Will. major made Complaint to this vestry that they have never had their Lands prossessioned acording to Law, the orders being Lodged in the hands of Coll. John Lightfott, who never put the Same in Execution' Therefore, ordered that John wilson, John Lightfoot, Esq'r, Mr. Will. major, Mr. John Alford, Dan’ll Parks, Esq., and William Millington forthwith goe on prosessioning and reamark Each others’ bounds, and make returns of this order to the next vestry.
In Compliance with an order of the vestry of Blissland parish for prosessioning the bounds between this parish and the parish of Blissland, Capt. Joseph Foster, Mr. Thomas Smith, Mr. Hen’r Wyatt and Mr. John Park, Ju'r, or any two of them are re: quested to meet the Gen’t of Blissland parish at the House of Mrs Butts on the 16th of this instant, and prosession and reamark the bounds between the two parishes, and the Clerke is ordered to give a Copy of an order of vestry dated the 4 May, 1689, relating to the bounds between the S’d parishes to the Gen't apoynted.
Whereas, at a meeting of Certaine Gen't of the vestry of this parish at the House of Mr. Gideon Macon the 8th December, 1701 the power of Superavisers invested in the Church wardens for the time being it is, therefore, ordered that the power of Superavisers be still continued in the Said Church wardens.
Whereas, Mr. Gideon Macon, one of the vestry of this parish, is lately de cest, and Mr. John Lewis lately Departed this County, it is ordered that Mr. Henry Chilles be a vestryman in the place and stead of Mr. Gideon Macon, and Mr. Richard Littlepage be a vestryman in the place & stead of Mr. John Lewis, and the Clerke is ordered to Request them to meet at the next vestry.
Ordered that the Church wardens forthwith Send to Thomas Becket and Zackery Ellis or any other Bricklayers to Come and view the Bricks made by Thomas Jackson for the building a brick Church in this parish whither they are good and well burnt, fitt for building and that the viewers make Report thereof, and that the Church ,wardens pay them for their Trouble.
Rege'r p W. CLOPTON, Clk vest'r.
At a vestry held for St. Peter's parish at the House of Mr. Hene. Wyatt, the 6 Aprill, 1702
Mr. James Bowker, minister. 
Capt. Joseph Foster, Capt. John Lyddall, Maj. Nicho Meriwether, Mr. John Park, Mr. John Park, Jn’r. 
Mr. Hen’r Wyatt, Mr. Wm. Bassett, Church wardens.

Whereas, at a vestry held for this parish the 4 March last, the Clerke was ordered to Request Mr. Hen'r Chilles. and Mr. Rich'd Littlepage to be Vestrymen in the places of Mr. Gideon Macon, accordingly, and Mr. John Lewis and Mr. Hen'r Chilles haveing this day appeared and taken the oathes injoyned by act of Parlament to be taken in Stead of the oathes of allegiance and Supremesy together with the oath of a vestryman and Subscribed the test and assosiacion is admited into this vestry.
Mr. Henry Chilles aded.
It is ordered that Mr. James Moss and Maj. Nicholas Meriwether doe offiate as Church wardens for this Insuing year in the place and Stead of Mr. Wm. Bassett and Mr. Hene. Wyatt.
Whereas, there is a great Church of Brick a building in this parish, and the Churchwardens Liveing somewhat remote from the said building, therefore, Capt. John Foster and Capt. John Lyddall with the Churchwardens as Superavisers from time to time to give their direction and assistance for Carrying on the Said work.
Stephen Moon aploying himself to this vestry of help to Cleer the Roades in his precincts is ordered beside what he had formerly all the tithables at the quarters of Mr. John Page and Mr. Geo. Poindexter.
Whereas, Mr. Hene. Wyatt and Mr. Wm. Bassett, Late Church wardens, have bought of and Supose to have paid Excep about 6 mos., Maj’r Nicolas meriwether one of the present Church wardens, 30m, 6 25m 10’h 15m 20’h and 10m 4’d nails, the Said maj’r meriwether doeth promise to send (by the first oppertunity) the Said nailes to Robert Pasley’s Landing, and Thomas Jackson is ordered to bring them up to his House and deliver them to the workmen from time to time as they shall have need of them for and towards the Carrying on the Said building.
Reger’d p WM. CLOPTON, Clk vest’r
ew Kent County, Sct. At a vestry held for St. Peter's parish at the house of Mr. John Park, Ju'r, the 23rd Sept, 1702
Mr. James Bowker, minister. 
Joseph Foster, John Lyddall, Nicho. Meriwether, James Moss, Hene. Chilles, David Craford, Wm. Bassett, Hene. Wyatt, John Park, John Park, Jun’r, Gen. Vestrymen.

At a vestry held for St. Peter's Parish at the house of Mr. James Moss the 27th day of febe’, 1702-3.
Mr. James Bowker, minister. 
Capt. Jas. Foster, Mr. Hen’r Chilles, Mr. David Craford Mr. Will Bassett, Mr. Jno. Park, Jun’r, Vestrymen. 
Mr. James Moss, Mr. Nicho. meriwether, Chu’h wardens.

New Kent County. At a vestry .held for St. Peter's Parish at the Brick Church ye 27th Octo'r, 1703.
Mr. Richard Squire, minister. 
Capt. Joseph Foster, Mr. Wm. Bassett, Mr. Jno. Parks, Capt. Richard Littlepage Mr. John Parks, Jun'r, Mr. Jno. Scott, Mr. Hen’r Chilles, Vestrymen.
Capt. James Moss, Maj’r Nicho. Meriwether, Churchwardens.

The vestry held for St. Peter's parish the 27 march, 1704.
Mr. Richard Squire, minister; Joseph Foster, Wm. Bassett, John Parke Jun’r, David Crafford, John Parke, John Scott, Hene. Chiles, Gen’tmen vestrymen.
James Moss, Nicho. Meriwether Gent: Church wardens.

At a vestry held for St. Peter's Parish in New Kent County the 3 Aprill, 1704.
Mr. Richard Squire, minister; Joseph Foster, Rich'd Littlepage, David Crafford, John Parke, Hene. Chiles, John Parke, Jun'r, Jno. Scott, Gent Vestrymen. 
James Moss, Nicho. Meriwether, Gent'n Church wardens.

This vestry taking into their serious Consideration the Largeness of this parish there being two Churches and one Chappell in the same, and the major part of the parish being desirous of a devision becase they Cannot have the word of God duly preached to them, doe accordingly agree upon a devision and that it begineth at the mouth of maddadecun Creeke so up the Said Creeke to Mr. Lewis mill, thence down the Queens high Roade to the rowling Roade that goeth from Edward mores to Geo'r Turners so along the Said Roade including the Said more in the upper parish, thence along the Said Roade to the Plantation of John Baughan Senr who is to be in the upper parish, thence upon a Line between the plantation of Nicholas Lawson and John Sandige the said Lawson to be in the Lower parish and Sandige in the upper and soe upon a Straite Line to Chickahamany Swamp including Edw Clark in the uper parish and Capt. James Moss and Maj'r Nicholas Merriwether Church wardens are Requested by this vestry to Suplicate his Excellence by way of Petition for his Concurrence with this order which if he be pleased to grant that the Lower parish may Continue the name of St. Peter and that his Excellence would be pleased to give a name to the upper parish as to his wisdom may seem meete and the Gleabe Lands w'ch are a at is 100 acres in the Lower parish to remaine to the Brick Church and 100 acres to remaine to the upper Church and what plate or ornaments in the parish to be Equally divided betwen both parishes and that which is Called by the name of the upper Church to be left in Good Repaire and that the Chapell to be finished all at the Cost of both parishes and Mr. Richard Squire was Requested by this vestry to declare what parish he would make Choice of (if his Excellence were pleased to admit of a Division who accordingly accepts) of the Lower parish.
New Kent County.
At a meeting Capt. Rich'd Littlepage, Capt. Jno. Scott, Jno. Lightfoot, Esq'r, Mr. Tho. Butts, Gen't in trust for St. Peter's Parish & Mr. David Craford, Maj'r Nicho. Merriwether, Mr. Henry Chiles. Capt. Rob't Allderson & Mr. Jno. Moss, Gen't in truste for Saint paul's pr'sh at ye Brick Church in St. Peter's pr'sh ye 29th Aug't, 1704.
St. Peter's pr'sh.

To Mr. Rich'd Squire for 5 moneths, CC

To CC for Do.

To Wm. Clopton, Clerk for 5 months

To Jno. Hilton Sexton for 5 months, I25 CC 10

To Idem for washing Surples

To Jno. Webb for 5 mo'th, 125 CC 10

To Idem for washing ye Surples

To Tho. Mimms for widdow faulkner, 5 mon'ths, CC

To Wm. Martin for Wm. Moore

To ye widdow Pyrant for five mo's

To Peter Plantine for Antho. Burrows, 5 mo's

To Sam'l Waddy for James Turner

To Jno. Kimbrow for 5 mo'hs

To Wm. Atkinson for 5 mo'hs

To Mrs. Roper for a bastard child

To Nicho. Mills for keeping a bastard child

To Maj'r Nicho. Merriwether ye ball. his acct

To Sam'l Waddie his acct

To Joseph Baughn, Chain Carrier

To Jno. Landige ye Same

To Thos. Snead ye Same

To Rich'd Clark, Ju'r, for pleating ye Surveyor

To Jno. White's acct Regulated

To ye Church wardens of both pr'she for ye Trouble about ye division of ye parish

To Capt. Scott for Trouble about ye Survey'r

To Capt. Littlepage for paid Care foot ye Glazer L3-18s-6d at 1d p pound

To Convey for * * *

To Ja * * * aesd. Work

* * *

* * * w Junr.

To Capt. Robt. Anderson

To Thos. Jackson, his acct.

To Coll. Joseph Foster, 500 6d nailes

To Idem p acct. more

To Mr. Geo. Poindexter's acct. Regulated L1 13s 9d, at 10 p C

To David Clarkson p acct.

To Mrs. Alice wiat ye Ball. her acct. p 20 lbs 10s at 10qd p cent

To Capt. James Moss his acct.

To Capt. Geo. Clough's acct.

To Vincent Vaughn's acct. 808 C.C. 113

To Wm. Clopton's acct.

To Jno. Hilton's acct. keeping goody Ashle

To ye Collector for ye minister's Rent, 3 mos. 250 C.C. 35

To Wm. Clopton for Extreordinary Trouble about ye Devision, &c., 600, 100

To Jno Hilton's atendance here to Sall at 5 p Cent

In all


By 947 Tithables at 31 p polo is

By ball. due to ye Colect'r



St Paul's pr'sh

L- s- d

To ye half of ye Church plate & Table Cloath
2- 5- 0

To Ball. due St. Paul's parish
0- 5- 0

2-10- 0


By halfe of Mr. Henry Wyatt Legacy
2-10- 0

Whereas we, the Subscribers, were apointed by both parishes to adjust & Settle all accts. between ye S'd parishes & having this day mett p'suant to ye Same, doe find ye pr'sh debt to amount to Twenty Nine Thou'd five hund'r & three pounds of Tobo. w'ch being divided by 947 ye Number of Tithables for this pr sent year amounts to 35 lbs. Tobo. p polo, Saving 146 lbs. Tobo. to be paid by both p'rish's to ye Colect'r next year, each Tithable in both ye S'd pr'shs for Derraying ye afores'd Charge upon ye division of ye plate & all other ornaments there is due to St. Paul's p'rishes five Shill's, & if there should happen to be any mistake or Error of either Side to be Equally Rectified.
John Lightfoot, Thos. Butts, Nicho. Meriwether, David Craford, Rich'd Littlepage, Jno. Scott, Henry Chiles, Robt. Anderson, jun'r, John Mask.

Also, I found a book called James City County  Keystone of the Commonwealth by Martha W. McCartney.  

On page 83 of this book is the following:

In 1641 Walter Chiles and Joseph Johnson of James City County and two other men secured official permission to explore the territory beyond the head of the Appomattox.  They were entitled to 14 years' profits from their discoveries, except for precious metals.  The assembly renewed the explorers license in 1643.

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