Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace

Rose Dove Dalton and Albert Lee Dalton Homeplace
This house and property belonged to John Ward, Jr At his death he willed the property to his nephew William Ward

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Jefferson Bailey Family in Pittsylvania County, Virginia

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For the last few days I have been searching the internet for a marriage license for Henrietta Jefferson and Robert Bailey.  So far I have had no luck.  I found Henrietta's grave marker at the Chatham Cemetery in Chatham, Virginia.  She is buried near her father Sgt. W. T. Jefferson.  I also cannot find information on Robert Bailey's birth or death.  I will find out where it is.  It just will take me a little more time.  I going to address this with as much information as I have available and then combine census reports and family lore to get the real facts.  I would send off for a marriage license, but I am not quite sure which county Robert and Henrietta were married. So I will begin with the census reports which also seem strange and sketchy.

These are the Census records I found which mention Henrietta Jefferson
1870 census, Subdivision North of Dan River  Pittsylvania County, Virginia
taken August 15, 1870
Enumerator:  J. W. Cole

William T. Jefferson  is 35 years old and a  Farmer  He was born in Virginia and can read and write.
His wife  is Matilda J.  age 33
William T.-8
Mary A.-4
Henrietta A.-4
David A.-2
William's mother Mary Jefferson is also living with them.  She says her age is 70.
Some of their neighbors are David Owen and his wife Cynthia and children
Martha Mahan and her children.  Henrietta my great grandmother was a twin.  I think I remember my mother mentioning this before. Also I my Dove relative Rosa Dove.  Rosa was also my great grandmother.  She was a twin also.

1880 census  South Pigg River District  June 9, 1880

William T.-42  Farmer
Matilda J. wife  41
Nannie L.  17
Mary A. and Henrietta-14
David A. 11
Valeria A. 10
Welton or Melton A. 8
Cland M. 3
Williams' mother is still living with them.  Her age is either 87 or 81.  I am going with 81 since she was 70 ten years ago.

Also Matilda's age is 41 here and ten years ago she was 33.

Their neighbors are Wm. T. Jefferson and Willie A. his wife.  They have a boarder by the name of James A. McGhee.  William T. is Matilda and William's son.
They are also living near Marshall and Susan Ramsey

1900 Pigg River District Federal Census
William T. Jefferson, enumerator
June 26, 1900
Robert Bailey  born around January, 1863    37  farm laborer
Henrietta Bailey  wife  34   She has had seven children and six of them are still living.
Sylvester  born Nov, 1888   11
Luela        born Dec, 1890    9
Flossie     born Nov, 1892    7
Minnie   born    Oct, 1894     5
Hettie born Dec, 1896  3
David E.  born, January 1899 1

Chatham District 1910 census
April 18, 1910
Robert L. Bailey  47  married 25 years
Henrietta Bailey  44 married 25 years  has had ten children and eight are living
Sylvester  21
Louisa  19
Minnie/Mannie 15
Hettie 13
David 11
Eros 9
Melvin 3

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